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    • Nosso sistema de geoengine foi atualizado, fizemos melhorias e corrigimos muitos problemas. Nós começamos a fase de testes no servidor Bartz. Use nosso fórum para relatar problemas de geodata, então vamos trabalhar para corrigi-lo o mais rápido possível! Precisamos da sua ajuda para finalizar o processo de teste. Obrigado.
    • Our geoengine system has been updated, we have made improvements and fixed many issues. We started the testing phase on the Bartz server. Use our forum to report geodata problems so we will work to fix it as soon as possible! We need your help in finalizing the testing process. Thank you.
    • Full Sets: WTS Elegia Heavy Set+25 Full lvl 7 WTS Elegia Robe Set+25 Full lvl 7 with Sigil+25 WTS Elegia Light Set+25 Full lvl 7 WTS Elegia Robe - Heavy - Light Sets+20 All Clean Attribute (Sigil+20 and Shield+20 are included) Weapons: WTS 16 Weapons+25 Attribute lvl 4 (Freya 2) WTS 6 Weapons+25 Clean Attribute (Freya 2) WTS Vorpal Sigil+25 ( x5) WTS 10 Weapons+20 Clean Attribute (Freya 1) WTB List: WTB Moirai Heavy Set Masterwork Set+25 with Shield Clean or Full Attribute WTB Vesper Tunic (Robe) Masterwork (Main Part only) Clean of Full Attribute WTB Vesper Sigil+25 Masterwork WTB Moirai Shield+25 (Normal) WTB VIP Warrior WTB Claw Of Destruction+25 Leave a comment here or send me a msg here for more details or informations. Thank you for your time!  
    • WTT vip warrior+5ga= vip wizard pm "Kalessi" in game
    • i have vip warrior do u need today?