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    • Forgot the enchanting part. When you focus on PvP damage then of course choose the Duel route. 
    • Earth should be fine on a dreadnought. Same as wind to a Storm Screamer.  Dagger could really use anything. Usually (when you have an AIO) people reach over 300 elemental resist on every possible attribute. That means that your elemental damage won't give you a lot of advantages. But I suppose not many have the Water, Earth or Holy attribute which can be useful in Olympiad (if you consider playing it). 
    • Understood, well i am currently using a dreadnaught to farm in DVC, at the Maluk mobs ,Warlord, Princess, Hunter.. etc and my demitelum has lvl 5 earth on it.  I don't remember what dmg i was doing before i added the stones to the weapon, so i'd like to know if earth is okay for that area, Second char i'm using is a storm screamer which i use in SoA, i suppose wind is the right attribute for that one since most of the skills are wind based.  The dagger class i've chosen for pvp purposes is an adventurer, which i'm guessing can use any element on the daggers, but i'd still like some opinions.  And, so i don't create another topic, what route do i need to enchant my skills for pvp? Duel or power? Which one is better?  
    • When it's not obvious you can most of the time choose it freely. For example, some daggers might use earth, holy or even water. As long as there aren't base attributes it's a free choice.  Maybe some people can suggest you the best attribute the for class you need it for as well as what to use in PvP or PvE. Just give us example of the classes. 
    • Hello, i would like for someone to explain how you determine what attribute is right on a certain class ( the ones that aren't obvious, like necro = dark, SPH = wind, titan = fire)  Thanks