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  • Recent posts

    • The system for returning flags is almost ready, and players who are cheating the flag on the map will be banned.  Any player who tries to cheat the geodata, whether in siege, boss, etc... This players will be permanently banned from the server.  
    • TerritoryWar
      With the help of the players, we have been able to solve the problem with the territory wards.
      So today we will have a TerritoryWar again, at the same time (8PM UTC -1) and (6PM UTC -3), but only for the fun of the players and for everyone to make sure everything is correct in the territories. On Monday the flags will return to their base castles. Next Saturday TerritoryWar will work normally. Baium
      The baium zone has been improved in the geodata to prevent any exploit. My thanks to all the players and leaders who participated in our tests today. So, we added +50% drop for 24 hours.
    • When you rent a new Clan Hall, you must pay 4 Gold Bar per day to keep the rent. You can only stay for 60 days with this Clan Hall. After this period Clan Hall will be available to be rented again. Then you can bid again for the same Clan Hall or for a new Clan Hall in another region.
    • Some players were not able to see the new weapons skins. Maybe because your launcher was outdated, so please download the new full patch.
    • Antharas Lair Inside
      We increased the Giants Codex Mastery normal and spoil drop. The drop of Earth Stone was improved too.