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  3. I find the new rewarding system in pvp zone kind of pointless . I think you should get boxes each time you kill someone together with some fame like it used to be. But more I think that players should get 10m for each kill. So instead of doing some boring farming you will have more players in zone seeking adena and enjoyment! After all the point of this server is to PvP.
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  5. You can buy it if you have 3 in your inventory. Even if it shows you 1 blue fragment, you click « buy » and it will work
  6. Players who like to play with female dwarfs characters are potential pedophiliacs?
  7. You can buy the accessory with the system-e files, but not with the normal patch. Try it out.
  8. Need 10 GB to put SA in this option. Blue fragment coint for craft hat dont work. kamaloka drop this item but separate items, i have 4 blue fragment coint but separate, when i tray craft a hat , npc show me just 1 item but i have 4 seperate items.
  9. Use the Upgrade option on the NPC where you have bought the weapon.
  10. I have a blood weapon, but how / where do I put the SA on it? Many thanks
  11. I have a blood weapon, but how / where do I put the SA on it? Many thanks
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  13. Aquí estamos, celebrando los heros en la casa del nene loco junto con el alfajorcito de dulce de leche
  14. @Max estaria bueno cambiar el systema de 8 minutos ya lo a dejado mucho tiempo estaria muy bueno que vuelva a poner el 120 para agilizar las olys como usted puede ver el feed es inevitable todos los heros de expeeled! creo que cambiando esto la gente se motivaria mas para poder jugar @Max
  15. Preach
  16. How would you like the Olympiads to be? Help by answering our survey.
  17. Once through the forest Alone I went; To seek for nothing My thoughts were bent. I saw i’ the shadow A flower stand there As stars it glisten’d, As eyes ’twas fair. I sought to pluck it,– It gently said: “Shall I be gather’d Only to fade?” With all its roots I dug it with care, And took it home To my garden fair. In silent corner Soon it was set; There grows it ever, There blooms it yet. Found/Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  18. Hello, i am here to spread the words of our lord and savior Jesus Christ
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  20. I saw some changes, anyone else notice something?
  21. I got banned but i dont know why? anyone can help?
  22. Some bugs were fixed, kamaloka instances were improved, new pvp zones were added and the reward rate was improved. Item Craft Merchant of Mammon has been updated and new cloaks added to NPC. OBS: These updates require you to keep the patch up to date through our launcher.
  23. can deez nuts
  24. oh right forgot
  25. Skase
  26. Candice?
  27. It doesn’t work
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