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  4. Enjoy our Black Friday! We added Lilith in Giran, with special prices! Our Black Friday runs until November 29th.
  5. Mardil's Fan We added Mardil's Fan on the NPC to add SA. Like other weapons, you need crystals and gemstones to add SA.
  6. We understand that the safe enchant was too long, as well as the maximum enchant. In order to improve our equipment enchant system, we lowered the maximum enchant from +25 to +20.
  7. If your account login have more than 14 characters, now you should remove the first 3 letters of your account login. Exemple login with problem: account1234567CH4 you need change for ount1234567CH4.
  8. Reúna seus amigos e leve seu clan para o L2Amerika! Nesta promoção especial de final de ano, ofereceremos a você um clan de nível 11 completo com todas as habilidades. Esta promoção é válida apenas para novos clans com um grande número de jogadores. Envie um email com as seguintes informações: E-mail: [email protected] - Nome do clan. - Número de membros ativos. - De qual servidor você vem? - Onde você encontrou o L2Amerika? Feito isso, crie o clan e adicione os membros ao clan e aguarde a verificação de um mestre. Se cumprir todos os requisitos, colocaremos seu clan de nível 11 completo com todas as habilidades.
  9. Gather your friends and bring your clan to L2Amerika! In this special end of year promotion, we will offer you a full level 11 clan with all skills. This promotion is valid only for new clans with a large number of players. Please email us with the following information: Email: [email protected] - Name of the clan. - Number of active members. - Which server are you coming from? - Where did you find L2Amerika? That done, create the clan and add the members to the clan and wait for a GM to verify. If it meets all the requirements, we will put your full level 11 clan with all skills.
  10. guide

    u srsly replied to a 2 year old post.....
  11. guide

    tretas, tretas por todos os lados HEUEHUEHUEHUEHUE só noobs por aqui
  13. 5 in a normal server.
  14. Hello. I don't really know where else to put this but.. Here's my question - How much PK points do I need before I'll start dropping stuff?
  15. masterwork cannot be put on vorpal or elegia and use both elegia and vorpal light sets for ghost sentinel
  16. sadly there are no dragon weapons yet they are only just a visualme
  17. Also, last thing I hope, do subclass skills require the quest?
  18. Hello and nice to meet you! I am back on this server after a few years of not playing, and of course the old accounts have been deleted. I also forgot a few stuff about the game and I would need some clarification from veterans. I am a Ghost Sentinel and my questions are the following: - What is the best armour set for me? Elegia lightset or vesper masterwork? Also, can u masterwork on elegia? - Are those quests with dragons from dragonvalley working? Like the bosses that drop stuff to get Dragon weapons? I saw you can buy them in shop now. - Are there any clans recruiting active players? - Are there any quests worth doing? Thank you for your answers! Have a nice day, Greavu
  19. how to change character password?
  20. Enjoy this week to buy Gold Amerikas! All packages with 40% off. This is the first time L2Amerika is promoting this! This promotion is valid until October 26th.
  21. Just tell us what exactly you need to know and we'll be able to help you. As for the equipment: just lvl with the beginner gear until lvl 40, then I would use a C grade weapon (if possible also c grade armor but only if you need it). With C grade you can lvl until 85. If you want to lvl a bit faster then get yourself a higher grade (that's not necessary though) or ask someone to lvl you (when you are lvl 73 someone else with lvl 85 can lvl you up). When you are full lvled try to get the best gear. You will need vorpal or elegia depending on your class.
  22. Hello guys, It's been many years since I last played L2, and I can't really remember the basics of it like equipment guide to which level and etc... I remembered a little but not enough to keep going. Can anyone help me
  23. Yes I even tried in other pc.
  24. tried to reinstall the game and the patch?
  25. I can't login game after select server it freezes. Any help?
  26. Ring of Queen Ant Queen Ant Jewel drops were 30% chance and now we increased to 100%.
  27. Post your Media Now you can post your creative screenshots on our site and you can also upload the youtube link of your videos playing on L2Amerika. Your posts will be automatically posted on our facebook page. Login with your account on our site and send images or link of your videos through the user control panel.
  28. Game Email Box To get the rewards is simple, just open your in-game email box. Now all donation or vote rewards are sent via in-game email in real time.
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