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  2. hi anyone has same problem with me??hopzone or it will not accept my vote or the time limit for capca will be timed out.and its taking lot of time to load the vote if it will get it correct..its about 10 days now this issue.
  3. The new geoengine has been placed on the server. After many tests, the new geoengine proved to be stable, any problems should be reported here on the forum.
  4. OK amigo. Não funcionou, mas graças a isso pude saber o que fazer. Tenho que corrigir meu system para poder editá-lo. Muito obrigado!
  5. Muito obrigado amigo Voy a probar
  6. Use o programa L2Lige.. Com esse programa você consegue mudar posição, tempo, e você tambem consegue remover as informações que ja esta modificada no SystemMsg-e. Com file edit tambem é possivel fazer isso, só não sei se é possivel remover as informações ja feita no SystemMsg-e. Aqui esta o link do programa:
  7. Hello MAX Its me, Faeton. Look, as the title says how can I edit the system messages? Because the messages of "resisted" or "failed" spam in the front of the screen and don't let me walk, turn the camera or target. I tried to use L2 File Editor but does not work with any protocol and the Russian page that help you editing the systemmsg cannot read the file. I really need this beacuse in Olys/farming/pvp its super annoying that you can't target or turn the camera enought fast. Thank you for your time!
  8. It is not bugged. Max said to me that he make the forum only to read it the staff. Maybe some times he can let the ppl read other posts...
  9. Same .. i think max doing someting new .
  10. I DONT KNOW What's going on.
  11. Hello all, I can only see "server announcements" and "tips and tutorials" sections. Do I have to activate my account somehow? Thanks in advance
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  14. He does not want to pass me from here, can you help me


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      my internet is not

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      you are playing this server

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      Sim, tente fazer o full check para ver se conserta esse erro do jogo..  

  15. After some reports, we block the class change to subclass and class gender, if the character has certification skills.
  16. Some geodata bugs from the Olympiads have been fixed, but it is not yet the geoengine update. A few more days and the new geoengine will be ready.
  17. We added new Olympiad stadiums, the old stadiums now have a new look and arenas are more cleaner, without useless obstacles to avoid geodata bugs. Update your patch to see new Olympiad stadiums. Our geoengine has been updated, however, this is in testing phase, if new geoengine have any problem, please report it and we will try to fix soon as possible.
  18. Summon Life Cubic is now fixed and working perfectly. references: tested on L2OFF.
  19. Smart cubics were sometimes having trouble activating. The Cubic system has been revised and reorganized, it is now fixed and working perfectly.
  20. - Siege's temporary alliances have been fixed. "At the moment when a siege begins, all the castle gates are closed. The castle and its surrounding territory become a battle zone. An army of defenders appears. You need to defeat them to get into the room with the Holy Artifact. From the moment when the siege starts, the participants are joined into a temporary alliance which falls apart after the first victory." references: confirmed high five, l2wiki. - Grand/Raid Bosses will no longer receive healing effects, only animation. - Grand/Raid Bosses zone flag is disabled for now, the boss drop system has already been modified on last update.
  21. The PvP zone will have two modes soon, Hard mode (hidden names) and normal mode, until this is done, we will disable hard mode. We modified the RaidBoss/GrandBoss drop system, everyone who is hitting the boss has a chance to get the drops.
  22. The problem with the cubics has been fixed.
  23. After many reports of lags our patch has returned to the more stable version. Masterwork armor status have been restored.
  24. Today our patch has been updated. Use our launcher to get the latest updates. We fixed problems with lags during equipment change. The interface was improved for game performance. Some functions have been added, Auto Attribute equipament, Radio and more... Now you can listen to the radio during the game (System Menu > 2nd Attributes > Radio).
  25. Now, when Baium, Antharas and Valakas wake up, all players will become flagged. Wait for the next restart.
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