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  5. Unfortunately, many players use bots on the server, so now it will only be possible to connect to the server using our launcher. Please disable the anti-virus for our patch because we use a secure anti-bot system.
  6. You were trying to sell VIP for 145 today, good business.
  7. U can farm fire stones at Batter lands, and then exchange the fire stones for water. But keep in mind that mobs there has a low rate of drop. =/
  8. Hello. Where can i farm Water stones alone? I know SOA gives good amount of them but my items are not enough for there. Any other ideas?
  9. B> VALAKAS CLEAN and VIP mage 100GA
  10. You have more? I buy
  11. What not to create a bunch of other topics, I will do this. Sell Valakas (clean) Buy Bless zaken
  12. guide

    because i dont use autohit and i dont need so much accuracy with skills so dex goes byebye ^^ and more HP obvsly
  13. There were some problems with our server's network, and some sieges did not happen. So let's change the sieges for next Sunday. This week we will migrate to a new firewall network, with a better structure.!/rank/siege/castle
  14. Havia uma manutenção na rede de servidores dedicados da companhia que utilizamos, infelizmente a estrutura do nosso firewall fazia parte desta etapa. Enviamos uma queixa ao suporte da companhia, estou aguardando respostas para melhor esclarecer o problema.
  15. There was a maintenance in the company's dedicated server network, unfortunately the structure of our firewall was part of this step. We have sent a complaint to the company support, I am waiting for answers to better clarify the problem.
  16. Seguro era un baium robado, By Saulo
  17. guide

    Hello thanks man, i aprecciate it. But why you cut DEX? when you use heavy armor..
  18. It is Sold.! Thanks everyone who send me pm.
  19. baium +25 ?
  20. After many days of maintenance, the credit card payment system is finally available through PayGol. Feel free to make payments with PayGol, all donations are identified by our system and automatically delivered to your character.
  21. WTS Ring of Baium for 35 ga. Look for Rhaenys/AlSahHim in game
  22. 10 puntos = 1ga
  23. I want to add these to list; Recurve Thorne Bow Focus+25 Earth Lv 7 Demitelum Haste+25 Earth Lv 7 Jade Clan Haste+25 Lv 7 6 ga each
  24. I want to sell; 19 gcm for 1 ga (have 570) 500 bews for 1 ga (have 3k) 700 beas for 1 ga (have 3k) Blessed Earring of Zaken clean for 5 ga Blessed Necklace of Freya+25 for 12 ga pm "Lydia" in game if you interested, thanks.
  25. Vip

    WTT Vip mage to Warrior
  26. Aloha, Three simple tips for any crash you face: 1) Delete your system folder and let it redownload. 2) Delete the launcher and redownload it from the Hompage. 3) Just delete everything and download a clean version of H5 and reinstall L2Amerika. and you are good to go. Greetz, Panda
  27. Touch of Death Cancel formula fixed.
  28. Recluto gente comprometida con el Clan, con disposición a conectar en TW & Sieges. Además de aceptar lo anterior deben instalar ts3 y conectar en estas instancias de vital comunicación. Si cumples con lo anterior y quieres formar parte de Labour, puedes pedir clan in-game a:
    Jamuka, Zurhen ó GHX



  29. Some players were being disconnected at the Olympics, and when trying to re-register the system was blocking. We have solved the problem, now the antifeed system has been updated. A sector has been created in our forum dedicated to denounces of players that doing feed in olympiads. Please use the forum to report players who are using the Olympiads in a non-competitive mode (feeding points).
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