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  4. Just share you guys my best website for Hi5 infomations. 1.Augmentations: 2. Talismans: 3. Special Buffs: 4. Certification Skills: 5. Heroes Skills: 6. Lineage 2 Residence Skills Castle Skills Fortress Skills Territories Wards
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  6. Tell me prices for Epic jewels.. each one.. im Interested
  7. WTS SETS +25 Lv7 Heavy Elegia 20ga. Robe Elegia 20ga.
  8. Hello there, WTS: Baium +25, AQ +25, B.Zaken +25, Antharas +25, Tezza +25. Sacredium Acumen +25 Lv 7 Wind. Archangel Acument +25 Lv 7 Wind. Only GA. Thanks!
  9. Γαμώ το ΣΥΡΙΖΑ

  10. Nosso sistema de geoengine foi atualizado, fizemos melhorias e corrigimos muitos problemas. Nós começamos a fase de testes no servidor Bartz. Use nosso fórum para relatar problemas de geodata, então vamos trabalhar para corrigi-lo o mais rápido possível! Precisamos da sua ajuda para finalizar o processo de teste. Obrigado.
  11. Our geoengine system has been updated, we have made improvements and fixed many issues. We started the testing phase on the Bartz server. Use our forum to report geodata problems so we will work to fix it as soon as possible! We need your help in finalizing the testing process. Thank you.
  12. Full Sets: WTS Elegia Heavy Set+25 Full lvl 7 WTS Elegia Robe Set+25 Full lvl 7 with Sigil+25 WTS Elegia Light Set+25 Full lvl 7 WTS Elegia Robe - Heavy - Light Sets+20 All Clean Attribute (Sigil+20 and Shield+20 are included) Weapons: WTS 16 Weapons+25 Attribute lvl 4 (Freya 2) WTS 6 Weapons+25 Clean Attribute (Freya 2) WTS Vorpal Sigil+25 ( x5) WTS 10 Weapons+20 Clean Attribute (Freya 1) WTB List: WTB Moirai Heavy Set Masterwork Set+25 with Shield Clean or Full Attribute WTB Vesper Tunic (Robe) Masterwork (Main Part only) Clean of Full Attribute WTB Vesper Sigil+25 Masterwork WTB Moirai Shield+25 (Normal) WTB VIP Warrior WTB Claw Of Destruction+25 Leave a comment here or send me a msg here for more details or informations. Thank you for your time!
  13. WTT vip warrior+5ga= vip wizard pm "Kalessi" in game
  14. Vip

    i have vip warrior do u need today?
  15. guide

    Milor, você não precisa falar ... você é um dos piores trapaceiros que eu já vi! Por favor aprenda a jogar primeiro e depois fale sobre os outros. obrigado
  16. guide

    PandaMafia es uno de los peores Gk de la historia de los 9 años que aun juego el server, pero igual ojala les sirva a los nuevos estas disque sugerencias . ;3
  17. guide

    i have a grade weapons with health sa yes ^^
  18. guide

    Your active augments must be in Health weapon so you won't lose hp when you change the weapon @PandaMafia
  19. O novo sistema de Antifeed foi adicionado. Agora você deve escolher apenas um personagem por PC para participar das Olimpíadas. Quando você começar a participar das Olimpíadas, o NPC perguntará qual personagem irá participar, então você deve confirmar. Depois de ter um personagem registrado para participar das Olimpíadas, você não poderá participar com nenhum outro personagem. Se você deseja cancelar a participação para iniciar a participação com outro personagem, você deve esperar 3 dias para iniciar outro registro.
  20. The new antifeed system was added. Now you must choose only one character per PC to participate in the Olympiads. When you start participating in the Olympiads, the NPC will ask which character will participate, so you should confirm. After you have a character registered to participate in the Olympiads, you will not be able to participate with any other characters. If you wish to cancel participation to start participation with another character, you must wait 3 days to initiate another registration.
  21. 1 - We are developing a new anti-feed system for Olympiads. I believe that next week the system will be in operation, in any case I will give you a deadline of 15 days to put the new anti-feed system in operation. 2 - Toxic players will be severely punished from the server. We are working on a new approach to combat player toxicity in chat. 3 - The weapons infinity will be improved, just as the rewards of the Olympiad will also be improved. This is a result of a system that will end the feed in the Olympiads, separating the bad players from the Olympiads. 4 - Players who try to cheat in the Olympiad will be added to the mural of shame.
  22. WTS >> VIP WIZZARD WTS >> BELETH WTS >> VIP WARRIOR WTS >> ALL SET RB Dont send stupid offers...answer here not in game
  23. En eterno movimiento.

  24. hello, I have problem.(Wolfgang) I clicked at reset secondary password and reset, but code is not arriving on mY mail. I cant log in on my game. please, if you can, help me. thanks [email protected]
  25. hello, I have problem.(Wolfgang) I clicked at reset secondary password and reset, but code is not arriving on mY mail. I cant log in on my game. please, if you can, help me. thanks [email protected] @MAX <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  26. We do not have a password

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    2. Wolfgang


      hello, I have problem. I clicked at reset secondary password and reset, but code is not arriving on mY mail. I cant log in on my game. please, if you can, help me. thanks

    3. jamuka


      Check the trash /spam mailbox

      i cant do anything, maybe the problem is the mail generator or sender... you have to contact the administrator :P

    4. Wolfgang


      I wrote to the administrator and did not answer what can I do?

  27. If you know about it, you can help our friends

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