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  2. Baium Boss Killer Certificate - 4x (100%) Codex Mastery - 40-60 (100%) Ring of Baium - 1-3 (100% 80% 30%) Ancient Enchant - 1-5 (75%) Dragon Box - Weapons Boss - 1 (25%) Antharas Boss Killer Certificate - 4x (100%) Codex Mastery - 40-60 (100%) Earring of Antharas - 1-3 (100% 80% 30%) Ancient Enchant - 1-5 (75%) Dragon Box - Weapons Boss - 1 (25%) Valakas Boss Killer Certificate - 4x (100%) Codex Mastery - 40-60 (100%) Necklace of Valakas - 1-3 (100% 80% 30%) Ancient Enchant - 1-5 (75%) Dragon Box - Weapons Boss - 1 (25%) Andreas Van Halter Dragon Box - Stones - 5-10 (100%) Dragon Box - Enchants - 5-10 (100%) Dragon Box - Giant's Codex - 40-80 (80%) Dragon Box - Blood Weapons - 1 (20%) Darion Dragon Box - Stones - 4-8 (100%) Dragon Box - Enchants - 5-10 (100%) Dragon Box - Giant's Codex - 48-96 (80%) Dragon Box - Blood Weapons - 1 (20%)
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  4. Territory War ward limit per clan has been increased to 4.
  5. Skills Flame Icon, Spirit of Shilen and Touch of Eva now have retail reuse delay (2.5 minutes). However, for the Olympiads the reuse delay remains static at 5 minutes.
  6. Guia Subclass Certification Skills e Infos Você pode aprender novas skills na sua classe principal de acordo com as subclasses que possui. Para aprender as skill de certificado, você precisa falar com o NPC Avant-Guarde no segundo andar (Human floor) de Ivory Tower. Mas para estar hábil a aprender as skills é necessário ter feito a Quest More Than Meet The Eye que pode ser iniciada com Hardin em Hardin's Private Academy. São no máximo de 4 skills por subclasse totalizando 12 skills alcançadas. Elas estão disponíveis em diferentes níveis de sua subclass: # 65 level on your subclass - uma Emergent skill certificate # 70 level on your subclass - outra Emergent skill certificate # 75 level on your subclass - aqui você pode escolher entre Class-Specific ou Master skill certificate # 80 level on your subclass - uma Divine Transformation certificate Removendo e Resetando as subclass skills Você pode remover todas as skills de todas as sub classes pagando 10 milhões para Avant-Guarde no segundo andar (Human floor) de Ivory Tower. Categorias de Classes e Subclasses As classes e sub classes estão organizadas em: Warrior, Rogue, Knight, Summoner, Wizard, Healer and Enchanter. As skills de Class-Specific e Divine Transformation estarão disponíveis conforme abaixo: Warrior: Warlord, Gladiator, Destroyer, Tyrant, Bounty Hunter, Warsmith, Berserker, Soul Breaker (Male), Soul Breaker (Female). Rogue: Hawkeye, Silver Ranger, Phantom Ranger, Arbalester, Treasure Hunter, Plainswalker, Abyss Walker. Knight: Paladin, Dark Avenger, Temple Knight, Shillien Knight. Summoner: Warlock, Elemental Summoner, Phantom Summoner. Wizard: Sorcerer, Necromancer, Spellsinger, Spellhowler. Healer: Bishop, Elven Elder, Shillien Elder. Enchanter: Prophet, Swordsinger, Bladedancer, Warcryer, Inspector (Male), Inspector (Female). Lista de skills e seus efeitos Emergent Ability skills Skill disponiveis para qualquer categoria de sub class pode-se chegar a no máximo LV6. - Physical Defense - Increase P.Def - +11 P.Def. - Magic Defense - Increase M.Def - +15 M.Def. - Physical Offence - Increase P.Atk - +11 P.Atk. - Magic Offence - Increase M.Atk - +15 M.atk. Master Ability Skills - Great Physical Defence - Greatly increase P.Def - +29 P.Def. - Great Magic Defence - Greatly increase M.Def - +50 M.Def. - Great Physical Offense - Greatly increase P.Atk - +60 P.Atk. - Great Magic Offense - Greatly increase M.Atk - +29 M.Atk. - Critical Rate - Increase critical rate - +30 Crit.Rate. - Magic Casting - Increase Cast.Spd - +11/-18 Cast.Spd. Class-Specific Ability skills Importante nenhuma skill Specific Class pode ser acima de LV1 ou duplicada, você pode pegar a skill 1 vez apenas. Warrior Class - (Gladiator, Warlord, Bounty Hunter, Tyrant, Destroyer, Soul Breaker, Berserker). - Boost CP - Increase Max.CP - +738 CP. - Resist Mental - Increase resistance to Sleep, Hold, Paralize and Shock attacks - +5%. - Counter Haste - 3% chance to increase Atk.Spd. when attacking - +30% Atk.Spd for 15 seconds. Rogue Class - (Hawkeye, Silver Ranger, Phantom Ranger, Treasure Hunter, Plainswalker, Abyss Walker, Arbalester). - Boost Evasion - Increase evasion - +4 Evasion. - Long Shot - Increases the maximum range of bow and crossbow attacks - +50 distance increase. - Critical Chance - 3% chance to increase Crit.Rate when attacking - +30% Crit.Rate for 15 seconds. Knight Class - (Paladin, Dark Avenger, Temple Knight, Shillien Knight). - Boost HP - Increase Max. HP. - +6-7% HP. - Crit.dmg Reduction - Reduce the amount of received critical damage - 5% crit.dmg decrease. - Counter Defense - 3% chance to increase P.Def and M.Def when under attack - +20% P.Def and M.Def for 15 seconds. Summoner Class - (Warlock, Elemental Summoner, Phantom Summoner). - Boost HP/MP - Increase Max. HP and Max. MP - +130 HP and +80 MP (+3-4%). - Resist Element Attribute - Increase Fire, Water, Wind and Earth Attributes resistance - +5 to Elemental Attributes. - Counter Spirit - 3% chance to increase M.Atk, Cast.Spd, P.atk and Atk.Spd when under attack - Increase M.Atk, Cast.Spd, P.atk and Atk.Spd by 10% for 15 seconds. Wizard Class - (Sorcerer, Spellsinger, Spellhowler, Necromancer). - Anti Magic - Increase resistance to magic attacks - +5% chance for attacking magic to fail. - Mana Gain - Increase the amount of MP gained from recharge - +6% per MP recharge. - Counter Mana Steal - 3% chance to steal MP from the opponent and recover it as your own when under attack - +17 MP. Healer Class - (Shillien Elder, Elven Elder, Bishop). - Boost Pray - Increases effectiveness of received healing - +19 HP per heal. - Resist Divine Attribute - Increase Holy and Dark Attributes resistance - +5 to Divine Attributes. - Counter Heal - 3% chance to restore HP when under attack - +183 HP. Enchanter Class - (Prophet, Warcryer, Inspector, Swordsinger, Bladedancer). - Boost Mana - Increase Max. MP - +5-6% MP. - Mana Recovery - Increase MP regeneration rate - +0.5 MP per tick. - Counter Barrier - 3% chance to become temporarily invincible to damage (but not debuffs) when under attack - Celestial shield type of buff for 5-7 seconds. Divine Transformation Ability Skills Quando uma subclass estiver no LV80 você recebe um Seal Book of Transformation. Você pode aprender a transformação no NPC Avant-Guard em Ivory Tower. Cada transformação possui skill especificas aquele tipo de classe, com countdown de 30 minutos de reuso para uma nova transformação.
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  8. We had a problem with the Territory War, so I restarted the server and started the territory war again. For some reason the wards did not return correctly to the base. I will investigate the problem in depth to solve it properly.
  9. The autofarm system has been updated, some features have been added.
  10. Territory War Event. Each clan will receive 25 Gold Amerikas for each Ward conquered. For example, if a clan has 2 wards, 50 Gold Amerikas will be sent to the clan leader once the Territory War is ended. The Event will take place in the next Territory War.
  11. Territory War PvP rewards have been enabled. Only Territory War participants will be rewarded during the battle. For each Kill the player will receive a Medal of Glory. We also created a protection to prevent any type of cheat to get this reward. Note: In the next Territory War, the reward system will work differently. Players will be rewarded for the number of total kills, just like in the rotating pvp zone.
  12. Added new drops to Dragon Vortex. Get up to 3 different Dragon Box with special items.
  13. Γαμώ τον Κούλη και τα τσιράκια του.

  14. Deflect Magic skill formula has been fixed. The correction will be sent on the next server restart.
  15. All summons have been boosted for open world PvP. This boost not affect the Olympiads.
  16. Codex Mastery price per PvP Killer - Certificate has been temporarily reduced. Enjoy!
  17. - Reflect Damage formula has been reworked. Now, the percentage of reflected damage is reduced as the damage gived to the opponent increases. The more damage you do to your opponent, the less damage you will receive by reflected damage. - Aura Crystal of Titanium is now tradeable.
  18. - Cleaned up offline trades in invalid zones and selling useless items with crazy prices. - Maintenance was also done on the dedicated server to maintain the best performance. - Rate chance debuff formulas have been revised and formulas improved to better balance.
  19. Promotion has been launched! Until March 24, any Gold Amerika package will receive an additional 30% bonus!
  20. We had a problem with our email server, so some emails were not being sent in password recovery. Today we solved the problem with the mail server. Now is working normally!
  21. Territory War wards will return to base. Territory War will be rescheduled. We had a problem with reset wards of the Territory War. It is now being fixed.
  22. The skill enchant rate has been increased, making enchantment steps more likely to succeed. This will bring a better balance between new and old players.
  23. The PvP announcement has been modified, now the PvP location will be announced too. Use our launcher to get updates.
  24. Giant's Codex Mastery prices have been reduced in Fortress per limited time. Keep your Patch up to date to follow all updates.
  25. New players will now receive voucher to exchange for initial equipaments +20 in Charlize NPC (Giran Harbor). These equipments have an expiration of 7 days. Initial Equipaments: Vesper Armor +20, Vesper Weapons +20, Jewels Boss +20.
  26. Now you can get "PvP Killer - Certification" as a reward in pvp zone. You can exchange this certificate for special items at NPC "Donna" in all cities.
  27. Summons had their attacks improved. - Improved Summons: Dark Panther, Magnus the Unicorn, Nightshade, Reanimated Man, Feline Queen.
  28. The pvp zone has been updated. Now monsters that are taken to the PVP zone will return to their starting location.
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