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  5. Just tell us what exactly you need to know and we'll be able to help you. As for the equipment: just lvl with the beginner gear until lvl 40, then I would use a C grade weapon (if possible also c grade armor but only if you need it). With C grade you can lvl until 85. If you want to lvl a bit faster then get yourself a higher grade (that's not necessary though) or ask someone to lvl you (when you are lvl 73 someone else with lvl 85 can lvl you up). When you are full lvled try to get the best gear. You will need vorpal or elegia depending on your class.
  6. Hello guys, It's been many years since I last played L2, and I can't really remember the basics of it like equipment guide to which level and etc... I remembered a little but not enough to keep going. Can anyone help me
  7. Yes I even tried in other pc.
  8. tried to reinstall the game and the patch?
  9. I can't login game after select server it freezes. Any help?
  10. Ring of Queen Ant Queen Ant Jewel drops were 30% chance and now we increased to 100%.
  11. Post your Media Now you can post your creative screenshots on our site and you can also upload the youtube link of your videos playing on L2Amerika. Your posts will be automatically posted on our facebook page. Login with your account on our site and send images or link of your videos through the user control panel.
  12. Game Email Box To get the rewards is simple, just open your in-game email box. Now all donation or vote rewards are sent via in-game email in real time.
  13. i just had kinda same problem i voted all 4 top wouldn't let me do last 2
  14. vote system was updated.
  15. PvP Zone PvP zone rewards have been increased. You can now get 10 Fame every kill and you can get Codex Mastery by opening the Gift Box. This may not be permanent, so enjoy the moment.
  16. New website We have developed a more beautiful site with more detailed server information. We also improved the donation system and the reward of votes. You now receive game coins via email in real time, no need to restart the character. Mardil's Fan We added Mardil's Fan {PvP} to buy with fame and Gold Amerika in NPCs.
  17. The link for vote in the Top 100 arena is not working, some body can help???? (I can vote but the page of l2 Amerika do not register my vote)
  18. Thank you very much!=)
  19. Hi! i would like to trade a Blood Brother +25 Health lv7 Fire for a Blades of Delusion +25 lv7 Fire PM Than0s ingame if ur interested
  20. Blessed Enchants All Blessed enchants have been added to the shops, except Grade-D. Giants Codex Mastery You can now exchange Raid Crystal for Giants Codex Mastery. Remembering that this can be for a limited time. Medal of Glory We've added Medal of Glory as a reward for events, through the exchange of Event Medal.
  21. sorry just seen this topic try to use .fp and type adena bonus into it
  22. lol 13 views 0 reply help a brother out lol
  23. Sorry for being a Newb but how do you make a party with adena bonus?
  24. Hero Weapons Weapons hero has been improved, now all weapons hero has pvp attribute, and you can add elements.
  25. AutoPotions We modified our AutoPotion system, removed it from the interface and added the option to activate the potions on the bar. Because some players were having problems such as lag and disconnections. Rate Drops The item and spoil drops rates has been increased to improve equipment for new players. Events We increased event awards! We added a significant amount of fame to the winners. PvP Players inactive for 1 month have their pvp count reseted. The pvp rank must be for active players on the server.
  26. Patch The patch has been updated, use our launcher to update the patch automatically. AutoPotions We have changed the autopotions function, now you just activate the desired potions with CTRL + Click.
  27. Geodata The geodata of the Olympiad arenas has been updated. There were some problems with some obstacles where some players were taking advantage.
  28. We have added a system to limit skill animations in game. This will help keep your FPS high in sieges, pvp, etc... To enable the skill animation limit, access the player panel using the .ccp command. You can choose to block all skill animations from other players, or just block healers animations.
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