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  2. farme str+4 com -4 dex + 4 com -4 wit +4 - int full regeneração de hp nas passivas e buff e full zerk for pvp good is ctrl+alt+f4
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  6. Skills Deflect Magic was corrected, the resistance variable was adjusted according to retail server. Nightshade sacrifice fixed. TerritoryWar Some functional adjustments were made to the Territory War system to prevent any failure. Items Tattoo of resolve has skill adjusted according to the other tattoos. Before, the statistic was much more compared to the other tattoos. Geodata Our geoengine has been redesigned. There should be no geodata bug in Olympiads. However, keep reporting if there is any geodata fault.
  7. b0ss
  8. Territory War today was canceled because of a virtual memory problem caused by a crash. We are already solving the problem. For now, the flags have each stayed in their bases. Thank you for your understanding, good evening!
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  10. TerritoryWar When you get a flag, you will have 15 minutes to summon it. When you begin to summon the flag the counter will reset and you will have another 15 minutes with the flag. If you try to hide the flag or keep the flag for more than 15 minutes in your hands or on the floor, the flag will return to the base castle. Baium We added a protection in the zone of the baium so that some bad players do not manage to cheat the entrance of the boss. Valakas Valakas cinematic was removed to prevent drop exploit with bot. Skills Touch of Death received adjustments to the ability of cancellation.
  12. Que se paso. Max hasta cuando responderas.
  13. For reduce olympiad feeds, we've decided to remove the 3vs3 fights from the Olympiads.
  14. Patch has been updated, please download our patch again or update through our Launcher. Our connection network has also been updated. Regards L2Amerika team.
  15. Buenas noches MAX, como sugerencia y de ser posible seria bueno que actives el cambio de email, cambio de correo electronico, asi los players podran cambiar a su correo de mayor preferencia como solucionar algunos problemas. Espero me respondas a la brevedad posible, de no ser asi, cuando podrias darme 1 minuto de atencion para que me escuches.
  16. Our server is undergoing an upgrade to our antibot system. Soon we will have a little update in our patch. Please wait. We'll be online in 60-90 minutes.
  17. Some players were using a method to tie the Olympiads battles, today we fixed the problem.
  18. Santa arrived at L2Amerika! He brought lots of offers and gifts for you!
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  20. Olympiad geodata has been updated.
  21. WTB Vip Warrior,pm Powerstrike in game,ty
  22. The Event Medals and Raid Crystal's is now tradable.
  23. WTS

  24. wtb gcm 18*1, pm Rany
  25. - Olympiad AntiFeed updated delay for new registration. - Fixed dominators damage.
  26. Today we made some corrections in our geodata, we believe that the problems with the olympiads are now solved. We did a lot of testing and we had no problem. If you want to report a new problem, use our forum and share a picture of the problem so we know the exact location.
  27. Update your patch to see the latest server updates. - New NPC's added. - Set's Foundation updated. - Fixed Mana potions.
  28. We've added new NPCs, so you should update your patch to see the new NPCs.

    Sorry Max but you spend time on secondary matters. At this point it's like to have a wounded man and you prioritize to make him a facelift. :( 

  29. We've added new NPCs, so you should update your patch to see the new NPCs. If you still have problems connecting to the server after the last SmartGuard update, we recommend that you upgrade your operating system to Windows 10.
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