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  2. En oly no deberían retornar los buffs. Eso es de server random, clases que se valen solo del cancel en amerika no tienen chance. Me imagino que el player promedio de amerika no sabe que el npc buffer es un sistema custom para el pvp. Hablando de la interface, a los 10 minutos ya comienzan a bajar los fps y dar tirones. No es posible colocar la interface original de H5?
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  4. Tocuh of death tem uns 2-3 minutos de delay... Insane crusher é um sufoco para conseguir ficar level 3... ou seja o cancel dessas skills nao vai servir de nada. Para as skills cancellation e steal divinity eu acho legal esse sistema mas pras skills acima vai deixar elas inuteis.
  5. Vai sim, inicialmente esta 15s para retorno, mas isso pode ser ajustado de acordo com a necessidade. Depois de 15s você pode enviar outro cancel... Dependendo da classe você tem mais skills que cancelam...
  6. Buff cancel return em oly?? Não vai mudar nada então...
  7. Cancel Skills As habilidades de cancelamento foram todas corrigidas e estão todas funcionando como deveriam. Cancel Return System O sistema de cancelamento e retorno tem a função de retornar os buffs após o cancelamento em 15 segundos. Durante esse período, o jogador não pode ser cancelado novamente, ou seja, o cancelamento não é cumulativo. Quando os buffs do jogador adversário retornam, ele podem ser cancelado novamente. O sistema de retorno de buffs foi adicionado as Olimpiadas, já que os cancelamentos agora funcionam bem. Skills Balanced O servidor é PVP, portanto, como os jogadores têm muitos buffs, muita resistência, algumas habilidades aparentemente "não funcionam", no entanto, fizemos os ajustes necessários para que todas as habilidades funcionem corretamente. Cubic Skills Todos os cubic skills foram refeitos e estão funcionando perfeitamente. Geoengine A geoengina está em fase de aprimoramento, e alguns testes devem ser feitos... A geoengine passará por mais algumas melhorias nos próximos dias.
  8. Many corrections have been made, below is the list of updates. Cancel Skills The cancellation skills have all been fixed, and they are all working as they should. Cancel Return System The cancel return system has the function of returning the buffs after being canceled within 15 seconds. During this time the player cannot be canceled again, that is, the cancellation is not cumulative. When the opposing player's buffs return, they can be canceled again. The return buffer system was added to the Olympiads, given that cancellations now work well. Skills balanced The server is PVP, so as the players have a lot of buffs, a lot of resistance, some skills apparently "don't work", however we made the necessary adjustments so that all skills work properly. Cubic Skills All cubic skills have been redone, and are working perfectly now. Geoengine The geoengine is in the improvement phase, and some tests must be done ... The geoengine will undergo some more improvements in the coming days.
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  10. Today our patch has been updated. Use our launcher to get the latest updates. We fixed problems with lags during equipment change. The interface was improved for game performance. Some functions have been added, Auto Attribute equipament, Radio and more... Now you can listen to the radio during the game (System Menu > 2nd Attributes > Radio).
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  12. Acept 138 for HB and Vesper Light ????
  13. HellBlade+20 lvl7 dark -->50Ga Claw Destruction+20 lvl7 dark -->35Ga x2 Blood Brother+20 lvl7 fire -->20Ga Bow Vesper Mw+20 lvl7 Holy -->70Ga Moirai Heavy Mw+Shield lvl7 -->90Ga Vesper light/Heavy Mw lvl7 -->110Ga each pm or mail in game Fnac.
  14. Sell: Baium+20 Sell: Tezza+20 Sell: Tatto of fire+20 Sell: Eversor mace+hpdrain+20+150dark Sell: Pyseal blade+focus+20+150dark Sell: Elegia shield+20 mail "ibuyisell" in game with your offer thanks
  15. Hello everyone, please tell me how to get coins for voting? I voted on all the banners in the personal account of the site, but there is no menu through which I can add votes to my character ?!
  16. Привет всем, подскажите пожалуйста, как получить монеты для голосования? Я голосовал по всем баннерам в личном кабинете сайта, но нет меня, по какому персонажу зачислить голоса ?!
  17. @Max cuando cambias tu subclase a main, en el npc de pago, tus skill quedan iguales o vuelven a +0?
  18. Vote system it's not working, if i'm wrong please explain how to do it. (which browser, steps, etc)
  19. Now, when Baium, Antharas and Valakas wake up, all players will become flagged. Wait for the next restart.
  20. We are making available an alternative patch, with the same features, however this patch may seem lighter to some players. Then you can download it and test it.
  21. Today L2Amerika celebrate 12 years online! To celebrate, we added new PvP zones and the pvp zone will give 20 fame for each kill. The NPC Lilith in Goddard have many promotions for you, the promotions will be available until June 5th! Exchange email, nick, clan name, etc... Have reduced prices!
  22. Some problems in the PvP zone has been been fixed. We updated our interface for a new and lighter, to improve the game's performance with the same tools. We added a new system to filter the chat, please use the game chat correctly, the chat will be filtered and insults can result in banishment.
  23. The PvP zone has hard mode enabled. In this mode, you cannot invite a party or see the names of enemies. Soon we will add the progressive rewards mode, the more players in the PVP zone, the bigger the reward! This will be available soon! The double drop items and spoil has been activated! Enjoy! - Fixed small issues in events.
  24. An unexpected update to our operating system caused a conflict with the server. The problem was resolved quickly.
  25. You put your character up for sale and you log out and your character will continue to sell. Pones tu personaje a la venta y te desconectas y tu personaje seguirá vendiéndose.
  26. Buen dia, me gustaria saber como hacer tienda offline, porq veo muchas pero no encuentro la opcion para habilitar, y mi intencion no es copar el servidor pero si dejar al menos mi pj principal vendiendo items q ya no uso, o pues q habilitaran precios de recompra de las tiendas gracias
  27. PC Ruimmmm, Aqui nao trava ND
  28. I am dagger
  29. It.s true Drop chance for GCM without spoiler is 1% :))....anywhere SoA..Lair Inside... @Maxfix it bro ^^
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