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  2. Understood, well i am currently using a dreadnaught to farm in DVC, at the Maluk mobs ,Warlord, Princess, Hunter.. etc and my demitelum has lvl 5 earth on it. I don't remember what dmg i was doing before i added the stones to the weapon, so i'd like to know if earth is okay for that area, Second char i'm using is a storm screamer which i use in SoA, i suppose wind is the right attribute for that one since most of the skills are wind based. The dagger class i've chosen for pvp purposes is an adventurer, which i'm guessing can use any element on the daggers, but i'd still like some opinions. And, so i don't create another topic, what route do i need to enchant my skills for pvp? Duel or power? Which one is better?
  3. When it's not obvious you can most of the time choose it freely. For example, some daggers might use earth, holy or even water. As long as there aren't base attributes it's a free choice. Maybe some people can suggest you the best attribute the for class you need it for as well as what to use in PvP or PvE. Just give us example of the classes.
  4. Hello, i would like for someone to explain how you determine what attribute is right on a certain class ( the ones that aren't obvious, like necro = dark, SPH = wind, titan = fire) Thanks
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  7. mano me ajuda

    nao consigo fazer login no serve ta dando disconect

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    2. lucasotak


      e todos os armos tem msm statos ou muda 

    3. lucasotak


      to enchendo o saco assim pq ninguem no game ajuda em duvida alguma a pessoa novato no serve e ninguem tira uma duvida de nada sei que nao e obrigação mas nao custa 

    4. ZØWMAN


      Acho que o set é a melhor opção a se fazer primeiro. Se conseguir os 2, set e arma melhor ainda. 

      Eu entendo mano..  Muita gente nova fica com duvida sobre o servidor e ninguem responde. Muito dificil alguem responder. Enfim. 

      Faz oque falei, investe no set primeiro. 

      Sobre os SETS, a melhor opção é o SET DONATE chamado vesper MW que esta no NPC DONATE.. Se você pode pagar por um, vai em frente! Ele da mais status que um set elegia full.

      Caso não consiga pagar por 1, fique apenas com elegia mesmo. 

  8. I have this same problem. Have any tips for this problem?
  9. HopZone is unstable, sometimes their website is not counting the votes of the servers. This problem is general.
  10. To reduce the toxic players in the game chat, we have created a new regulation to combat toxicity and we have made available a zone in the forum for reports. The reports cannot be seen by other users.
  11. but that's weird .. now download the complete Client for Utorret and the same thing blocks me the problem is the system because I try another server and normally it runs with his client the problem would be the System that apparently my antivirus blocks it
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  14. Hello, there is no virus in our patch, but I will check the files to check for any incompatibility with windows.
  15. First of all very good night GM MAX I have a problem with the last update, at the moment of unzipping my antivirus it blocks some interfaces that the system has and with this I get a critical error not when starting but when entering the game when loading the smart guard, Now I try to unzip with the firewall and antivirus disabled and when I want to enter my antivirus it defects it again and blocks it ,, I can only enter with the antivirus disabled but when I activate it it blocks me, I don't know if it could help me because it is only the system which gives me an error due to the interface Interface.dat I get as a Trojan virus and my antivirus removes it I hope you read this post because that happened to me this morning and I could not enter l2 greetings
  16. During 24 hours, item and spoil drops will be doubled. Take the time to farm!
  17. - We added proxies as connection points in some parts of the world to improve the route for players. You can choose the proxy from the list of servers according to your location. - We disable the captcha antibot until corrected.
  18. imagine reporting a newbie just bc he posted a pic of u buying ga for 40 million adena lmaoh XDDDD
  19. vou reportar voce e seu clã por perseguição.
  20. vai procurar o que fazer jovem!!! tem muitas vendas em giran com numeros irregulares que não batem com o titulo e ninguem vem aqui postar nada.
  21. Be carefull when selling. I know it's common thing but take extra care with Aerosmith. He is scamming every day in giran in offline shop.Shot00002.bmp Shot00003.bmp
  22. After the last Siege and TW we followed the reports from our network and came to the conclusion that we needed to move to a network with greater traffic and better stability. Taking advantage of the moment we bought a more powerful dedicated server with a 10GBPS network. Today we made the transfer and the lags in Siege and TW will not happen anymore.
  23. Siege zones now count PvP Kill.
  24. To prevent the use of bots in sieges and also reduce lags, we limited 1 character per PC in the Siege and TW zones.
  25. We fixed an issue with the augmentation system.
  26. Por favor, envie um email para [email protected] Metodo de pagamento, e nick do personagem. Obrigado.
  27. Fixed the issue of players disappearing into the arenas on purpose to tie fights.
  28. @Max
  29. Boa noite fiz um donete tem 72h e nada de cair !
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