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  2. amigo a estas alturas podes esperar cualquier cosa es un desastre ya el amerika
  3. de que te sirve pekearlo, el adrenaline lo podes configurar para volver al respawn cuando mueres. si, lo podes pekear 1, 2, 3 y vas a estar todo el dia como un imbecil
  4. Yesterday
  5. Solución a los bot.. pekeenlos saben donde están y quienes son.. Pues pekeen luego se sacan el PK
  6. Tengo una solución a todo esto.. dejen el server y pongance a jugar a las muñecas
  7. una cagada.. modificas esto y se van a buguear muchas otras tantas.. como viene pasando en cada modificación. Que puede ser beneficiosas para quienes encuentran el bug y en ves de reportar lo aprovecha.. yo preferiría a que el server vuelva a lo que era con sus mínimas configuraciones que al menos te dejaban jugar ahora necesitas el internet de la Nasa para cargar todas las cosas mal optimizada del server.. mas los 1000 pj offline del mismo déjense de pedir cosas absurdas y deberían mirar la triste realidad del server.. no entra gente nueva siempre están las mismas cucarachas muchos se van por que se aburren o por que el lag que les genera todas las cosas que ay.. no los dejan jugar bien.. @Max deberías tomar esto como una sugerencia y más gente volvería incluyendo mi clan..
  8. Last week
  9. Anything that make you play better, piece of my shit
  10. I have an idea who’s gonna find them too… sub certi would be sick
  11. Is a beautiful idea but I can smell bugs incoming . I don’t know how but I am positive they will be found .
  12. Иди нахуй
  13. Sincerely sincere with 100% approved stamp
  14. thats the spirit
  15. Im going to log, kill sawky a few times and keep going with our lives
  16. well you talked it out man to man so ill keep myself out of this one
  17. Stay away from it was between me and him .... I didnt even had to look for that photo i get it from his own friends....making fun of forhead or calling another ppl fat is okej? No its not so stop measure us differently and be objective at least. Mr unknown wannabetroll
  18. wow using someone irl pic of the deepest low you can go in your life
  19. well we talked that through then, once again i apologise because of my actions it wont happen again have a good day
  20. So for nezt time lets stay on topic since i guess we are all trying to improve server to be more playable.....and stop trolling/insulting cause then this is result....nice evening apology accepted
  21. ? Why am I included in any of this? I was writing at the beginning of the topic only about the game lol Chillax boys, I won't comment to anything anyone says about personal stuff not related to the game. However, you don't have to mention me as well when I am not even related to anything. What's the matter about it anyway. (Whoever wants to quote this and say their opinion is free to do so but don't wait for an answer, please) Greetings
  22. aight fine ill take my defeat and take back my words on you sawky and on you too jane, i apologise about everything ive said @yunokami this better?
  23. nah but fr tho you have to be spineless to use a pic like that smh
  24. dang that drip
  25. dang u are leaking out others? pathetic fam
  26. oh wow you are so cool (not) there is no 30k kills only 11k and the hero aura is only bc u only had the balls to get hero when the server is starting to die out...
  27. And ure writing smthng about forhead and bodyshape? 😂🤣....arent u a little bit 🤏🤏 dumb bro?
  28. I think i can afford it with 30k kills on my chars and hero aura 😁....but it looks like u did a huge job 😂...all i saw from u so far was lvl 1 char and blablabla on forum ....where is that skill behind which ure hiding all time?
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