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    you ll get acces to nudes of the admins.
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    On H5 the archers are skill based not raw f1 but there is no point to argue about H5 in full custom server who has "H5" only as cosmetic in it's name.
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    Oui mon a(r)mour
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    Hi everybody, one little post, to purpose u an idea for back farm interesting .. What do u thinks about buy with GA Premium account for a certains duration .. for exemple 20 GA for 1 months 30 GA 2 month & 40 GA 3 month ... it'll be nice for farm & permitt to use GA for other think ... if admin can give me what they think about this .. Cordialy .. Have fun in game
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    I was thinking the same, some sort of sexual services... cuz there is no sense to have special features on a hight rate server with custom features already.
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    What is premium account?
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    @Maxya as reparado el launcher que en ves de reparar el cliente lo rompe y borra los portales y demás.. y encima ahora no sirve ni para launcher por que tira error en una carpeta.. no estoy pudiendo entrar a jugar por que no sirven para reparar nada.. ponete las pila 11 años de server y sigues cometiendo errores básicos..
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    I know, but you are still mon a(r)mour
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    This is"bug"...using heavy armour on archers,with better stats(a lot of pdef and patk) as it is with light armour,and all archers exploit this "bug",because it reduces speed and atk speed too little. You have better stats with heavy armour than with light armour ,and huge P. def, for the archer class. I hope Max will fix this exploit,by drastically reducing speed/atk. spd/evasion of archer class,when using heavy armour.
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    Hm... I'm not sure which is worst bug in that case, your loss or the use of heavy armor on archer...
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    Hi everyone. Could you please help me with the right procedure to vote in the server? I tried it but without success, always said "some topsites have not been voted". Thank you in advance.
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    Yo guys, I wanted to post something as I can see the server is slowly dying, marketplace is dying, PvP Area empty half the time. The only solution I see is by increase the population of the server which is possible if we all keep voting and the GM starts to care about the server, I don't see the GM doing anything at all, If the GM/GM's start to improve server by fixing some stuff and introducing other stuff then maybe we can bring the server back to life. I have been told that it says the server is "offline" in some voting websites. I returned to this game only a few months ago because I played it during all my youth. Let's try and make this server better than it is, It IS achievable for sure! Who's with me?