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    Tomorrow L2Amerika will be completing 11 years online! That's why we will be offering better prices in some donations items and double drop throughout the day. Enjoy the weekend at L2Amerika!
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    Skills Deflect Magic was corrected, the resistance variable was adjusted according to retail server. Nightshade sacrifice fixed. TerritoryWar Some functional adjustments were made to the Territory War system to prevent any failure. Items Tattoo of resolve has skill adjusted according to the other tattoos. Before, the statistic was much more compared to the other tattoos. Geodata Our geoengine has been redesigned. There should be no geodata bug in Olympiads. However, keep reporting if there is any geodata fault.
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    Olympiad We fix the geoengine, so the arenas are all working perfectly. However, any problems tell us in the forum. Events We added a dualbox protection on all events. Many players were using the events for farm. We have increased the rewards of weekend events.
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    Skills We added a condition for the Angelic Icon to replace the Flame icon, if activated, or the inverse case.