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    En oly no deberían retornar los buffs. Eso es de server random, clases que se valen solo del cancel en amerika no tienen chance. Me imagino que el player promedio de amerika no sabe que el npc buffer es un sistema custom para el pvp. Hablando de la interface, a los 10 minutos ya comienzan a bajar los fps y dar tirones. No es posible colocar la interface original de H5?
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    Now, when Baium, Antharas and Valakas wake up, all players will become flagged. Wait for the next restart.
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    We are making available an alternative patch, with the same features, however this patch may seem lighter to some players. Then you can download it and test it. https://www.mediafire.com/file/dzvzzia52g4o80z/Interface_Alternative_v4.rar/file
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    Tocuh of death tem uns 2-3 minutos de delay... Insane crusher é um sufoco para conseguir ficar level 3... ou seja o cancel dessas skills nao vai servir de nada. Para as skills cancellation e steal divinity eu acho legal esse sistema mas pras skills acima vai deixar elas inuteis.
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    Today our patch has been updated. Use our launcher to get the latest updates. We fixed problems with lags during equipment change. The interface was improved for game performance. Some functions have been added, Auto Attribute equipament, Radio and more... Now you can listen to the radio during the game (System Menu > 2nd Attributes > Radio).