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    Well if this post isn't text book behavior of a Grandiose Narcissist, idk what is. Alert the psych ward. Let me break it down for you: 1. I made 2x 12k dmg on a full fighter from an enemy clan yesterday with my mage. No special buffs in. I am not posting that image to the forum and boasting about it or even saying the clan is crap of any sort. YOU ARE NOT THAT SPECIAL. 2. Horizon is the last clan on server that gets to pretend to be great. My favorite memory is Horizon having 2 pts in castle siege and having to call RTB for help against 3 players, who stole the castle. We were so amazed at your utter lack of ability that Nonya, the guy you are so proud of hitting hard, canceled your cast as an ally and we broke away from you. 3. I have never seen any pt run away from Horizon. If I were to see a pt, hell 3 pts of horizon run to me, I would stand still and let you die by our sheer beauty. Doesn't tank much to drop any of you I say this all with love. You need help!
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    the way you take these ss and keep them makes me wonder, how big is your right arm compared to your left?....
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    Can you explain how you couldn't defend a castle from 3 people casting with that kind of dmg bruh.... fucking useless dmg in my opinion.
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    Well, i wish i can see that. Don't worry i dont know the taste of the grass yet. I'm not a Horizon wannabe.
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    @Max estaria bueno cambiar el systema de 8 minutos ya lo a dejado mucho tiempo estaria muy bueno que vuelva a poner el 120 para agilizar las olys como usted puede ver el feed es inevitable todos los heros de expeeled! creo que cambiando esto la gente se motivaria mas para poder jugar @Max
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    Some bugs were fixed, kamaloka instances were improved, new pvp zones were added and the reward rate was improved. Item Craft Merchant of Mammon has been updated and new cloaks added to NPC. OBS: These updates require you to keep the patch up to date through our launcher.
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    oh right forgot
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    Who’s that max everyone talking about? Never seen him.
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    Farming is poor, enchant rate sux. The guide says "donate".
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    I really just wanna know where u saw this oly is fixed 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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