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    Gather your friends and bring your clan to L2Amerika! In this special end of year promotion, we will offer you a full level 11 clan with all skills. This promotion is valid only for new clans with a large number of players. Please email us with the following information: Email: [email protected] - Name of the clan. - Number of active members. - Which server are you coming from? - Where did you find L2Amerika? That done, create the clan and add the members to the clan and wait for a GM to verify. If it meets all the requirements, we will put your full level 11 clan with all skills.
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    We added new Olympiad stadiums, the old stadiums now have a new look and arenas are more cleaner, without useless obstacles to avoid geodata bugs. Update your patch to see new Olympiad stadiums. Our geoengine has been updated, however, this is in testing phase, if new geoengine have any problem, please report it and we will try to fix soon as possible.
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    The new geoengine has been placed on the server. After many tests, the new geoengine proved to be stable, any problems should be reported here on the forum.
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    Post your Media Now you can post your creative screenshots on our site and you can also upload the youtube link of your videos playing on L2Amerika. Your posts will be automatically posted on our facebook page. Login with your account on our site and send images or link of your videos through the user control panel.
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    Hello all, I can only see "server announcements" and "tips and tutorials" sections. Do I have to activate my account somehow? Thanks in advance
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    I DONT KNOW What's going on.
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    Just share you guys my best website for Hi5 infomations. 1.Augmentations: http://l2under.com/data/augmentation/ 2. Talismans: http://l2under.com/talismans/ 3. Special Buffs: http://l2under.com/buff/lineage-2-special-buffs/ 4. Certification Skills: http://l2under.com/subclass-certification-skill/ 5. Heroes Skills: https://l2under.com/data/hero-skills/ 6. Lineage 2 Residence Skills Castle Skills Fortress Skills Territories Wards
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    Same .. i think max doing someting new .
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    He does not want to pass me from here, can you help me
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    After some reports, we block the class change to subclass and class gender, if the character has certification skills.