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  1. How would you like the Olympiads to be? Help by answering our survey.
  2. Some bugs were fixed, kamaloka instances were improved, new pvp zones were added and the reward rate was improved. Item Craft Merchant of Mammon has been updated and new cloaks added to NPC. OBS: These updates require you to keep the patch up to date through our launcher.
  3. The rotating event zone has been modified. Now all players will be rewarded equally once the pvp zone reaches a full number of PvPs. The more players there are in the pvp zone, the faster players will be rewarded with Fame and Gift Box. Remembering that the filters against cheating are activated. Support skills have been released! Respawn times for support classes have been increased. Note: adjustments can be made during the week regarding the proportion of PvPs and rewards to maintain the functional zone.
  4. The status of the Zariche and Akamanah weapons has been updated. To see changes keep the patch up to date.
  5. Updated patch, fixed visual of augment weapons.
  6. L2Amerika Birthday Week! This week we celebrate 13 Years Online! To celebrate we will be doing some promotions and the launch of new farming areas! Attention! keep your patch up to date!
  7. In order to prevent bots in Olympiads, the bind system in Olympiads will be activated tomorrow.
  8. We went through an unexpected maintenance on the dedicated server. The bug with the cancel return was fixed, this was causing problems with some buffs.
  9. Maintenance completed, the server will be online in 5 minutes. There was no change on the server, we just performed maintenance on the dedicated server.
  10. Access our channel on Telegram. Receive news, events, updates and special promotions.
  11. For 48 hours buy any Gold Amerika package, and you will receive an additional 20% bonus.
  12. Our patch has been updated, some improvements are being applied and the server will be receiving multiclient mode soon.
  13. Regarding requests sent in the form of a "letter" to the server. I think it is valid, and there are many good suggestions, which have been analyzed and will be implemented on the server. This is not to say that all suggestions will be implemented. But the suggestions are always important for the dynamics of the server. We are happy for this! As for the video that was posted today, I confirm that we reject any racist or xenophobic act. Racism is not funny, racism is no joke. Whenever there was, we will ban access from our server.
  14. Grand Crusade client, maps Hi5, gameplay full Hi5.
  15. - Some issues have been fixed on server engine to prevent bugs and improve server functions. - Cubic Heal adjusted like L2OFF. - To prevent bots we blocked DualBox in Grand Boss room (Baium, Valakas, Antharas, Beleth). - Server prepared to work with two clients, High Five and Grand Crusade. Why? The new client has better memory management, preventing FPS drops, providing more "fluid" gameplay during massive pvp. The new game client will be available in a few days.