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  1. We have added a system to limit skill animations in game. This will help keep your FPS high in sieges, pvp, etc... To enable the skill animation limit, access the player panel using the .ccp command. You can choose to block all skill animations from other players, or just block healers animations.
  2. Minor bug fixed The PK counter has been tested and corrected. Summon Reanimated Man We are server with many equipaments, the summon Reanimated Man has become weak compared to our style. Therefore, we increase your defense and your HP.
  3. Cancel Return The problem with returning transformations has been fixed.
  4. Patch updated! We have updated our patch and interface. Now it will be possible to login to our server only with our interface. That is, everyone now has the same gameplay. Some tools in our interface have been added, such as auto enchant items, auto enchant skills, auto potions and auto augmentation. However some tools are disabled to make some adjustments, but tomorrow we will enable them.
  5. Duel summon bug Fixed issue with Duel where character was invulnerable and locked on the floor. PvP Rotation Now the pvp rotating zone will start players flagged when entering the combat zone. We added again some old combat zones of map. You can give some more suggestions of pvp zones, post your suggestion on our forum... You can also send screenshot. Baylor more stronger We've added a new Baylor with weapons boss for drop, the respawn is weekly. Some adjustments to his statistics may be adjusted over the next few weeks. TerritoryWar Some logical corrections of the flag counter have been made.
  6. We made a change in Beleth, it is no longer necessary go to the NPC to receive the jewelry, now to get the jewelry just kill Beleth, activated autoloot.
  7. PvP Rotation Zone Has been blocked duel in pvp zone. We have added a weekly and daily ranking for the pvp zone on Community Board (alt + b).
  8. Cancellation and Steal Divinity These skills were working a lot at the Olympiads. So both skills were thoroughly tested and adjusted. Raid and Grand Boss drops Now the drops are autoloot and random, everyone has a chance to receive the items, but consider that it is necessary to continually damage the boss in order to have a chance to receive the drops. The higher the number of members in the command channel is more greater the chance to teams receive drops. That is not a rule, smaller partys also have a chance to receive the drops.
  9. Yesterday we temporarily change skill Pride of Kamael for self use. Now after many tests! We have made some adjustments and Pride of Kamael can now be used normally by Kamaels.
  10. We added new skins in the armors section. To view keep the patch updated. You can download the patch from the site or update from our launcher
  11. Soul Shock We changed the enchant time to a maximum of 9 seconds. Just like we did with Fear Cost. Voice Bind and Shadow Bind The enchant time has also been drastically reduced. Enchant time 3 minutes is absurd.
  12. Pride of Kamael is now self buff. This buff was making some classes very overpowered. So the classes have become more balanced now.
  13. The system for returning flags is almost ready, and players who are cheating the flag on the map will be banned. Any player who tries to cheat the geodata, whether in siege, boss, etc... This players will be permanently banned from the server.
  14. TerritoryWar With the help of the players, we have been able to solve the problem with the territory wards. So today we will have a TerritoryWar again, at the same time (8PM UTC -1) and (6PM UTC -3), but only for the fun of the players and for everyone to make sure everything is correct in the territories. On Monday the flags will return to their base castles. Next Saturday TerritoryWar will work normally. Baium The baium zone has been improved in the geodata to prevent any exploit. My thanks to all the players and leaders who participated in our tests today. So, we added +50% drop for 24 hours.
  15. When you rent a new Clan Hall, you must pay 4 Gold Bar per day to keep the rent. You can only stay for 60 days with this Clan Hall. After this period Clan Hall will be available to be rented again. Then you can bid again for the same Clan Hall or for a new Clan Hall in another region.
  16. Some players were not able to see the new weapons skins. Maybe because your launcher was outdated, so please download the new full patch.
  17. Antharas Lair Inside We increased the Giants Codex Mastery normal and spoil drop. The drop of Earth Stone was improved too.
  18. Change Email We added the email change function in Tatiana NPC in Giran. VisualMe We added more visual weapons (Infinity, Lindvior, Valakas and Antharas). These skins have their costs based on Gold Amerika. Note: The latest changes require you to use our launcher to update your patch.
  19. The minimum rental price of the Clan Halls has been changed to 300 Gold Bar, and the daily price to keep the Clan Hall rental is 4 Gold Bar.
  20. Beleth room Now several clans can enter the Beleth room at the same time, and the jewel will be delivered to the party that kills Beleth. Farming and Drops All farming areas were adjusted and reformulated. We added Spoil drop in all farming areas. Global Gatekeeper The Global Gatekeeper has been improved and now the teleports are more organized. Clan Hall The hall clan system has been completely changed, you should now purchase the clan hall with Gold Bar, and there is a daily rate of 2 gold bars to keep the hall clan rental. These rates may change soon. Once the clan halls are not paid, they will be auctioned again. Olympiads The Olympiads have been corrected, now no one can cheat characters inside the arena. Anyone who attempts to circumvent the arena will lose points automatically.
  21. Skills We added a condition for the Angelic Icon to replace the Flame icon, if activated, or the inverse case.
  22. Tomorrow L2Amerika will be completing 11 years online! That's why we will be offering better prices in some donations items and double drop throughout the day. Enjoy the weekend at L2Amerika!
  23. Olympiad We fix the geoengine, so the arenas are all working perfectly. However, any problems tell us in the forum. Events We added a dualbox protection on all events. Many players were using the events for farm. We have increased the rewards of weekend events.
  24. Skills Deflect Magic was corrected, the resistance variable was adjusted according to retail server. Nightshade sacrifice fixed. TerritoryWar Some functional adjustments were made to the Territory War system to prevent any failure. Items Tattoo of resolve has skill adjusted according to the other tattoos. Before, the statistic was much more compared to the other tattoos. Geodata Our geoengine has been redesigned. There should be no geodata bug in Olympiads. However, keep reporting if there is any geodata fault.
  25. Territory War today was canceled because of a virtual memory problem caused by a crash. We are already solving the problem. For now, the flags have each stayed in their bases. Thank you for your understanding, good evening!