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  1. Is a beautiful idea but I can smell bugs incoming . I don’t know how but I am positive they will be found .
  2. Thanks my friend.
  3. I noticed that the times that the server is most dead is from 11:00-16:00 and from 00.00 till the next day. This is in Eastern European hours . So I guess -6 hrs from Brazil. Can we do something about that? Like triple PvP rewards this hours ?
  4. Brother of Alazon no pm me back too !
  5. So toxic! You need ban again .
  6. Είναι πρόβλημα γιατί αυτοί που περίπου έχουν πρόσβαση σε αυτούς που κάνουν κουμάντο είναι στην τελική οι πιο τοξικοί …
  7. I am .you probably ain’t . We rarely was accepting brain dead Latinos feeders except the fat and laeh… so go scum a clan mate like all Latinos do and stop being toxic …
  8. Hi sawky . I just said it is good manners to not ruin the PvP if it is just 1 clan against 3 players to also bring a cardinal. Anyone can play what they like ofc . I have a good memory and I always check weekly PvP so I don’t know how i missed that. But I will accept it.
  9. Expelled didn’t even exist when me and the boys were on. It was a fail clan for people to play oly. We weren’t even in a good terms with them ( the leader of Rtb disliked strongly this clans leader). It is sad that I can’t go through forum to find dozens reports people complaining about Rtb. Because it was all that you see these days . Especially when we created the first archer pt in server the complains about hacks and auto target were insane . One guy even claimed that we create lag especially to help us…
  10. Hi yunokami. I don’t know who exactly you are or who your chars are but I would keep the discussion about l2 and this server only… I saw morgoth being created around roughly 3 weeks ago and this weeks the top 10 weekly PvPs were maximum 450 pvps . So I am a little bit sceptical about your statement . Furthermore even when Rtb was alive it was always the underdog. Never recruiting anyone or anybody. It was maximum 5-6 people online daily and a full pt at the weekends barely. That was Rtb. So we never encountered a smaller party than us…
  11. Let me tell you that what are you saying is not completely wrong. As I stated before you can’t tell people what to play . It is a Role Playing Game after all. But it doesn’t mean that your actions in PvP and the choosing of ally’s shouldn’t been criticised or being disapproved by other players . I am one of this players that I completely disagree with some clans policy to bring healer or a paladin at any struggle they counter. Witch is happening quite often … As for the Sk take it or leave it there are people who invested time and money to make their chars op. Nerfing completely the class would be a Big Fuck you to them. Now it is just strong every 5 minutes. Not completely disoriented than it was before. Bigger population is what most serious players would like too but this isn’t happening at the moment . As for the close areas it would lead to many lags if the server becomes more lively again…
  12. :’(
  13. I disagree. 1 minute is too long . Take it or leave it there are a minority of people that they are enjoying being a support. You can’t ruin their chars too. There Are many ways to kill a cardinal . It is just up to the players to say I don’t need a cardinal for 4 people cause I ain’t no a pussy…
  14. I agree on some parts with you Jane. Some people like playing supports you can’t do anything about that. And yes new zones that are more closed like or have places to hide like trees and etc is a good idea. But guess what , even in elf village you have trees to hide from the archers. All zones have similar landscapes like this. But even the players that play support need to understand some times that they are not necessary. For example I was pvpingwoth your clan yesterday 2v2 and then gallup came . Just for 2 Rtbs… no one can stop Gallup playing what he likes but it is up to everyone individualy to accept if they are going to be in a pt with a cardinal just for 2 people . But I agree some you can’t disable a skill to ruin a class. As for Sk tho I support the idea that the sos should be 5 min reuse. The class was way too unbalanced l. It has op p def op p attack and drain and of course 100% debuff with cancel . Ah and smart Quibick removing its debuffs . Don’t forget that entire clans like YourDestiny and haunt was build around this class cause it was insanely crazy. Now it is not completely nerfed it is just strong every 5 minutes . Like my Titan it is unkillable every 10 mins with guts . So I am happy that this class is nerfed
  15. Yes I agree it is hard to get full in Amerika . But the full players get insane benefits over other players . Is something you expect in server so many years on. The older player you are the more chars you have full . It is not a server that I would personally want to be easy to get full . And many people can agree with me in this regard. And now new players have way easier than we had . I have spend more than 210 ga just for runes in my old chars. Now are free for example. More there was no way to obtain Gcm when we was on except forts and bosses but now is a bit easier. Just a bit . What I suggested tho is a bigger reward system in PvP witch would help the people that are bored to farm . A kill should provide 20% chance to get gcm 20% yo get a mog 20% mog 20% adena 20% event 20 event medals and of course game each kill .