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  1. next time acept without cp and not run please ok? tomorrow we can fight again without run who run firts down ok?
  2. kid player i kill you and u said gm help me you win 1 time and u talk so shit all time win vs me noob sk... i get 1 Pot CP and u happy for kill 1 time more with run ? always with you Fail sk see this pic im 95% HP i try inv pt for you and u no acepte fail sk
  3. please without run you cant kill vs me Failer Sk, my cp down to get 1 POT and you kill me without used pot cp nab sk !!
  4. man always with you my first time without run you down full HP next time you runing all the time my cp is out pot CP no more and you happy for kill without cp? look this pic first fight noob... One player of RTB see you run all the time