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  1. Anything that make you play better, piece of my shit
  2. Im going to log, kill sawky a few times and keep going with our lives
  3. You cannot pretend to tank a whole party with a single SK. The resistance nerf was pretty good, the server was plagued of them. But I do not agree with the SoS delay modification. 3 minutes delay is fair enough, not 5!!
  4. Do not pm me again asking for party, brother of Etiam.
  5. You asked for party last tw, no one invited you so you came forum crying. Thats very nice!
  6. “When we created the first archer pt” who the fuck are you necr0 random lixo… bad at olys, bad at pvp. You are not even rtb.
  7. RTB 9 players. Haunt 55 players.
  8. After a whole year zerging with Haunt
  9. Someone suck this mans pichula, please.
  10. Aquí estamos, celebrando los heros en la casa del nene loco junto con el alfajorcito de dulce de leche
  11. En todo caso el problema no son los arqueros, realmente es que las otras clases no sirven. SPS puede cancelar solo cada 15 segundos, archimage sin daño, storm hay que jugarlo con berserker = papel, necro sin daño, sh sin daño, etc.
  12. Jugar magos en amerika es un suicidio. Son más caros, complejos, tienen mecánicas más complejas. En cambio el archer es solamente Bow pvp y 2 skills +30. Resto es F1 y pegar 8k-10k.
  13. At least Sawky, is your bow {PvP}?
  14. So you built a clan part of a massive ally/zerg. What was your name again, lukakuu?