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  1. Evas que mata huehuehue huhu
  2. Expelled has good players, the best of the server is there or in RTB. They're well organized and most of them play together years ago. You cant compare BB or Haunt with Expelled. You can confirm it with the TW, Paradise + BB + Holynation + Team + Haunt against them and they couldnt summon even 1 ward.
  3. Brainless stupid people reporting for everything.
  4. ?
  5. Olys para quem sabe jogar so
  6. Me contaron que el thauriel partio al medio a mi nene loco. Se dejo caer el balurdo de tal forma que no lo veremos nunca mas al esquizofrenico coje travas.
  7. En amerika arman CP para jugar tw, pero juegan a escapar de nosotros. El poco nivel del server se ve clarísimo...
  8. Bind = dead olys = find another server to play olys. Main problem isn't the feed, the real deal is why there's only 5 classes worth to use.
  9. Nene loco en todo su su esplendor 😂
  10. ?
  11. ?
  12. I was thinking the same, some sort of sexual services... cuz there is no sense to have special features on a hight rate server with custom features already.
  13. 4 ne asI aL.