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  1. actually i dont play oly so i dont know for what problem do you speak, but if you can change scripts on amerika files gg
  2. thats i said too. i was confused when i see so many mw dynasty bows so thats why i make this topic. Thats no make sence cause maybe they get script with droppable items idk
  3. yes i know but i see many ppl have them. if you cant find noelithic answer me that how server has so many danasty mw bow +0 ?. You cant buy it from shop neither from olympiad. so somehow they can get it
  4. how is possible to get someone neolithic s84 if you cant feed lucky pig with adena. adena is not dropable so maybe has other way to get it. Could someone help me ?
  5. hi i want to ask something anakim and lilith have spawn every 2 weaks?
  6. fix the pvp zone. pvp boxes are bugged
  7. Ohhhh guys in not a bug on high five archer is better with heavy so of course is not a bug
  8. man yesterday i had it and after restart my armor changed on +0 and normal what you mean lol
  9. if you dont test it is not my problem the problem is my armor
  10. MAX yesterday i had on my archer full set vesper heavy mw and i log today and my breastplate is vesper normal +0 without atributes WHAT HAPPEND ?
  11. So i must download freya client and put the maps on amerika ?