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  1. i doubt mox even logs on now to check... would take him 2mins to realise the bots are there... yet he instead just bans posts about them on the forum.
  2. Youre having a laugh lol... wont make the server give more rewards for certain times, regardless of how busy or not busy it.
  3. Can take the time out of his day to delete a post about an issue on the server... (which, by the way, isnt in regards to moaning about changes he has implemented, but more so the fact that someone is clearly cheating) but can not log into the server to fix and resolve the issue.
  4. What happened to my post about the not trains In lair?
  5. I have a blood weapon, but how / where do I put the SA on it? Many thanks
  6. I have a blood weapon, but how / where do I put the SA on it? Many thanks
  7. the VIP's are good, but if you vote each day you get two vote coins, you can get a Vote bracelet from the shop which is nearly a a VIP.
  8. Hi... so i went to refresh my dual swords today and notice that the duals are not on the refresh list... @Max any idea?
  9. Hi, Does anyone access the game via Shadow Cloud Gaming?
  10. So ALt+b has said for numerous months now 'Premium Accounts Coming Soon' one mans version of soon can be 1 day while another can be 100 days... @Max when is [email protected]?
  11. I beleive there is a quest where you have to find the key to enter the Citadal, i did it when i needed to unlock Dyna armor.
  12. Nice! You guys recruit full sagi?
  13. So i see the new update has come out, and all i see when i goto the new zone is Haunt clan using bots as a clear as day.... Iilililil and his party so obvoosuly using a bot, as soon as a mob appears its targeted. Think max needs to check the server...
  14. Lol, a zoomed in screenshot of him dead... doesnt really show the whole picture. Not a Mk3 fan, but this is just trash talk