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  1. I turned it off, but still same error message Thank you for answering me btw!
  2. uh, no! I did not figure it out I was saying, other servers work. Just L2Amerika does not. I don't get it
  3. Downloaded another client from another Server, yep, works. Just L2Amerika does not ;/
  4. I typed in controlled Folder Access and made sure that L2.exe and the whole folder is under allowed apps. I turned of Firewall and still same problem. Only way I can connect is through System-e
  5. Hello! Still not sure how to fix this problem. I tried so many things out and nothing works. I can play over system-e, but not over the updater ;/ Anyone able to help a poor soul? Thank you!
  6. Silly question. I am a total Computer noob. I have the same problem and Windows 10. Can you explain me step by step how to fox that :D? Is it my firewall that blocks me from opening the updater? Tried to put it on the 'alllowed' list but it is still not working. Any help would be appreciated <3