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  1. Oh sorry. I misunderstood. My best guess is that your anti-virus is detecting & quarantining a file for whatever reason. I would recommend temporarily disabling/uninstalling your AV to see if that fixes the issue. Up to you of course.
  2. Glad you got it figured out!
  3. Assuming your Windows 10 version is completely up to date, I would try typing in Controlled Folder Access in the search box (bottom left of Windows). Make sure nothing relating to L2 (especially L2.exe) is being blocked there. You can permit it there without having to create inbound/outbound rules in the firewall. If you're running any type of anti-virus (excluding Windows defender), then I would disable it. If Defender is blocking something, I would try downloading a fresh high five client. It shouldn't be detecting anything as a virus.
  4. I'm new as well and imo you don't NEED those things to solo farm the non-party areas. It will just take a long time without them. The VIP bracelet seems the be the only thing you can't farm, but in theory you can farm enough adena to buy GA to buy one. It would just take a really long time, so donating is the way to go if you can afford it. I do like this server more than most though. I came from Exilium, and I like it here way better.