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  1. We live in strange times with full corruption to all institutions, cops became the oppression force of the global dictatorship.
  2. When players use bugs admin punnish them, what about when admin creates bugs?
  3. I bet he is just malevolent playing the card of touchy, race sensitive.
  4. Blessed enchants have 80% chance rate ... BUT after +16 that seems to change dramaticaly to something much mucH muCH mUCH MUCH lower.
  5. Anyone else has the impression that after +15 or +16 the blessed enchants stop to have 80% chance?
  6. +19 to +20 has 30% chance or 10% ?
  7. What is premium account?
  8. On H5 the archers are skill based not raw f1 but there is no point to argue about H5 in full custom server who has "H5" only as cosmetic in it's name.
  9. Hm... I'm not sure which is worst bug in that case, your loss or the use of heavy armor on archer...
  10. Because they are custom / edited. Not the originals.

    1. Trismegistos


      Sorry I can't. I'm just like you.

  12. admin

    Here it's take it or leave it. The lack of communication is the 1st that you notice but soon more will follow.
  13. Μάνο + δοκίμασες να κάνεις; Ως το 15 νομίζω είναι φυσιολογικό, το +16 είναι 50% και μετά νομίζω πάει η πιθανότητα -10% ανά +1. Το +25 ήταν πολύ πιο εύκολο μπροστά σε αυτό το χάλι. Το έχει πηδήξει τελείως. Θα μου πεις να αγοράσω έτοιμο αλλά δεν είναι ο τρόπος που μου αρέσει.
  14. Συμβαίνουν αυτά και στις καλύτερες οικογένειες.