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  1. Players who like to play with female dwarfs characters are potential pedophiliacs?
  2. Once through the forest Alone I went; To seek for nothing My thoughts were bent. I saw i’ the shadow A flower stand there As stars it glisten’d, As eyes ’twas fair. I sought to pluck it,– It gently said: “Shall I be gather’d Only to fade?” With all its roots I dug it with care, And took it home To my garden fair. In silent corner Soon it was set; There grows it ever, There blooms it yet. Found/Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  3. I saw some changes, anyone else notice something?
  4. 20 GA cost $10.64 You can buy +20 items from other players for 2GA each [5 armor parts+(shield/sigil)+belt+tattoo+weapon<= 20 ga] You also need RB jewels(~120?ga) and VIP bracelet (~145ga)
  5. Farming is poor, enchant rate sux. The guide says "donate".
  6. Admin bugged it. It's imposible to get neolithic lv84 so the only option is to buy the mw weapon from gmshop.
  7. Oh! Discrimination Accounts Coming Soon? ...Sounds interesting.
  8. Since all events are made for archers make one for other classes. As you already guessed I've being sarcastic since the problem isnt the event but the archer's damage. In Hi5 they should make damage using skills which they NEVER use because F1 gives 10k on an average robe. Another l2amerika admin made bug...
  9. You can write +1 or tell me gtfo because the Admin made great job.
  10. My post admin and the bugs (for those remember it) has deleted. Admin punish players for exploit use and bugs but he is master on it. I recall a couple of years before I had enchanted Overlord's Hammer crash skill (YES IT SHOULD BE POSSIBLE) but our dear admin made it non enchant able while the lv9 cardiBUGroot never bothered him. Never ending bullshits. Bad admin bad server.
  11. The one who made a stupid shop next to Gatekeeper or the admin of a 13 y/o server who allow it?
  12. Looking for manolaki and mikrithea. Are you guys still alive?