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  1. Preach
  2. Share them
  3. Candice?
  4. Jo
  5. You seem like you care alot about our image tho, thank you but we don't need white knights, we have Kit
  6. @Ollamphion @Repeat Are you 2 even in RTB or INS?
  7. Casanova is a mythomaniac sick piece of shit tho, no offense
  8. If that was Rtb there would be riots demanding our firstborns
  9. you ll get acces to nudes of the admins.
  10. I know, but you are still mon a(r)mour
  11. Oui mon a(r)mour
  12. Maybe you got the bad Eye.. somebody eyed your armor. I know 1-2 people that can help you
  13. No, your race ll change to the race of the class you ll change