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  1. can deez nuts
  2. oh right forgot
  3. imo the best guide is to delete this server from your l2 folder and find a better one
  4. max said he fixed the olys but he didnt its still trash as it was and the half of the server are using scripts basically everywhere in the game
  5. ah sorry forgot its not fixed at all my bad
  6. ofc they use scripts, welcome to amerikas security system only oly got fixed and nothing else
  7. bro raped? thats sussy as fuck bro u into men or something?
  8. i hate to be that guy but at this point sawky id give up on this topic and leave the forum for a while ._.
  9. know the diff between a sub and a main, sub has no certis, main has certis this aint 2018
  10. bro that 300 bp tier laeh can tank out your whole clan and ally lmao
  11. also doesnt ghost sentinels supposed to deal more dmg with sos on and not only 15k?
  12. mans thinks he know what i look like, the thing is i dont see you having a personal life due to u sitting in giran 24/7 but nice try on the insult try it later when u know anything about me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. saddest point that he still believes that its true smh