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  1. i think the duel skills are better but ask @Nessa or other duelist players like @ZØWMAN
  2. imagine reporting a newbie just bc he posted a pic of u buying ga for 40 million adena lmaoh XDDDD
  3. guide

    u srsly replied to a 2 year old post.....
  4. masterwork cannot be put on vorpal or elegia and use both elegia and vorpal light sets for ghost sentinel
  5. sadly there are no dragon weapons yet they are only just a visualme
  6. tried to reinstall the game and the patch?
  7. Hi! i would like to trade a Blood Brother +25 Health lv7 Fire for a Blades of Delusion +25 lv7 Fire PM Than0s ingame if ur interested
  8. sorry just seen this topic try to use .fp and type adena bonus into it