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  1. read what Jack wrote and not chaosak
  2. is this your first time killing an rtb player bc u didnt ran to the teleport this time
  3. nobody is talking to you braindead deadbeat brain damaged dogshit sk
  4. welcome to amerika where everything is possible to begin with lol
  5. funny how u talk about trashcan clans but ur your clan needed 104 players just to defend aden from rtb 💀
  6. summary of this topic: Mommy i cant beat rtb please tell the admin named Max to ban them all so i can take wards and castles on the server and i can have fun on zone while its dead bc im allyed with the whole server just to win against rtb
  7. hell remove every healer type classes and tanks too so people wont cry about anything
  8. talk about trashes yet u run to elven all the time just to get ur dmg back lmao pro pride user
  9. bunch of pussies lmao, cant win a clan so report them to max get hands retards
  10. i aint erevus that was ur husband analzone calm down
  11. ok analzone
  12. the best leader of amerika down vs alazon!
  13. ok alazon calm your ass down already
  14. your whole living being is what bothering everyone Analzone
  15. both of u are dogshit now gtfo out of this topic
  16. so basically we still have the full hi5 items etc but only the game will be grand crusade? i hope there wont be ertheias and lv110+ level ups..
  17. imagine reporting ur own clan member lol