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  1. Well apparently max does not care that some players use Adrenaline in amerika and neither does he care that Bruu sells the GCM that he collects using bot for real money. Maybe buying from bruu is cheaper than donating in amerika and since max doesn't do anything we could think of buy the GCM to bruu instead of donating. bruu started with a one pt boot more than a month ago today he already has two bot parties in antharas inside. if max has allowed this for so long we might think we could all use adrenaline or drop items to sell for real money
  2. Need 10 GB to put SA in this option. Blue fragment coint for craft hat dont work. kamaloka drop this item but separate items, i have 4 blue fragment coint but separate, when i tray craft a hat , npc show me just 1 item but i have 4 seperate items.