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  1. ? Why am I included in any of this? I was writing at the beginning of the topic only about the game lol Chillax boys, I won't comment to anything anyone says about personal stuff not related to the game. However, you don't have to mention me as well when I am not even related to anything. What's the matter about it anyway. (Whoever wants to quote this and say their opinion is free to do so but don't wait for an answer, please) Greetings
  2. The way Max nerfed Sk is not good imo. He could have given the tank less patk and crit and it would be fixed. With sos a Sk still deals the amount of dmg it is not suppose to deal. Kinda sad when a tank deals more dmg than a dagger to a mage. Even if it's only every 5 mins, overal the class has not been fixed. After all I was also the one asking for a nerf on a Sk but the only thing that has been nerfed is the sos reuse, not the class itself. Furthermore, by closed area I meant a zone compareable to Tiat's room or Baylor's room. An area which is actually completely closed without a way out except you click to village or use a soe. Besides, some people only play support and do not play anything else in pvp. When this person wants to go for pvp he will obviously do it with a char he owns. I doubt the main reason is "oh no, there are 2 vs 2, let's bring a bp for these 2 individuals". Maybe you should think a little more about what others prefer to play as well instead of thinking they do it because they need it. I am also joining only as tank because I like to play pk at this moment. Do I think "we surely need a tank for this pvp now"? No, I do not. I play what I like to play. Soon I will even arrive with an ES but not because we need it, simply because I would like to play it even though it's not as useful as a Cardinal. With that logic I can also ask you, why do you play with a titan? All you can do is preload and kill people, leave the zone and wait for the next preload? I doubt that's the reason you are playing titan. Instead of nerfing or not allowing these classes to join (support, especially healers) I would simply suggest to get a bigger population. Bigger population -> more pvp -> a lot of people -> more fun -> issue with healer fixed. As more people join as less important the healers get. Obviously you have to focus on other things as well to achieve people to join. Greetings
  3. The reward system is not the main issue imo. Obviously it was better to reward the people getting the kill, yet it has an improvement by giving the supports a reward too. Many people prefer to play support and it is a part of pvp just as much as any DD. I would say that the pvpzone itself is a problem. Having the same pvpzone (not only location, but also mod wise) is just boring. Adding some new kind of zones would already make it better. Obviously you have to remove the mobs at this area to make people not drain unstoppably. Moreover, adding closed area zones give other classes a benefit too. Right now all we have are open areas where archers can run to the end of the world (just an example). If you want to improve only the pvp at the pvpzone you have to change way more than just the reward system. How about we disable sos, icon, zealot, hide, etc. as well? It is a bad change imo. Nerfing the use of a skill is not an option to improve the pvp in any way. That makes a class like domi more worthless. It will be a shame when people stop playing many classes because of these kind of changes, the best example is Sk. The reuse of sos is now 5 minutes and many people have changed from Sk to another class (for example Pk). To reduce the variety of the classes played on that server makes it even more boring than now. However, Sk is not as OP as it used to be (it is suppose to be a tank, not a DD) but it was the wrong way to nerf the class. Greetings
  4. I am playing here for many many years now too and I know what it used to be just as much. The balance of the damage output is something the Admin has to work on. All we can do is expressing our feelings about it. However, many people use that kind of feedback to make their class the strongest even though it is not suppose to be. Analyzing this and balance it fairly for everyone needs time and motivation. From my personal experience I can say that many newbies leave not because of real life, they would like to play sometimes after their work, but because of the hardcore farm you have to do. The market is not getting better for them either. I am not quite sure what's the difference between back then and now. Max just added attribute levels, new farm zones and whatsoever. Yet, something else is missing that makes the server more attractive for new and old. Besides, you cannot forbid people to come with a support class to the pvpzone. What you can do though is setting a maximum of classes in one party. Olympiad is just trash on this server, ngl. As far as I know it is very unbalanced and full of feed. No reactions when you report feed. As long as there is no active GM or Admin doing something against it (checking olys maybe even once a week would help) there will not be any changes in the future. Greetings.
  5. We (Horizon) do hit Morgoth in PvP zone. We are not in any kind of relation to each other rather than enemies. If some people prefer to hit others before anyone else then it is up to them, but that's out of the business of the whole clan. As much as a single person tries to improve the server by stating here "there are too many allies" there will be no change. The server is not attractive enough for newcomers to stay and build their own clan to give more pvp possibilities. The improvement has to start at the Admin/GM by making it newbie friendly instead of full people friendly (1 vs 1 Events for GA, where only full people can win obviously or items with a time limit). Furthermore, maybe it is more useful to give a suggestion to the ally problem instead of complaining about it and reaching nothing (do not understand me wrong, I would like to change it too but I do not know how to do that in the best possible way as well). Greetings.
  6. You can buy the accessory with the system-e files, but not with the normal patch. Try it out.
  7. Use the Upgrade option on the NPC where you have bought the weapon.