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  1. Forgot the enchanting part. When you focus on PvP damage then of course choose the Duel route.
  2. Earth should be fine on a dreadnought. Same as wind to a Storm Screamer. Dagger could really use anything. Usually (when you have an AIO) people reach over 300 elemental resist on every possible attribute. That means that your elemental damage won't give you a lot of advantages. But I suppose not many have the Water, Earth or Holy attribute which can be useful in Olympiad (if you consider playing it).
  3. When it's not obvious you can most of the time choose it freely. For example, some daggers might use earth, holy or even water. As long as there aren't base attributes it's a free choice. Maybe some people can suggest you the best attribute the for class you need it for as well as what to use in PvP or PvE. Just give us example of the classes.
  4. I'd suggest to post the critical errors once so people know what kind of error you have. Maybe then someone can tell you what you miss yet.
  5. Just tell us what exactly you need to know and we'll be able to help you. As for the equipment: just lvl with the beginner gear until lvl 40, then I would use a C grade weapon (if possible also c grade armor but only if you need it). With C grade you can lvl until 85. If you want to lvl a bit faster then get yourself a higher grade (that's not necessary though) or ask someone to lvl you (when you are lvl 73 someone else with lvl 85 can lvl you up). When you are full lvled try to get the best gear. You will need vorpal or elegia depending on your class.