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  1. Obviously they are using some BUG, since it is impossible to drop items (adena) to the ground. but there are many ppls on the server that farm Neolithics.
  2. O único problema é que a pontuação não é atualizada ao mesmo tempo em que você adiciona mortes.
  3. To prevent Box farm, now we needs + 9 ppls on PvP zone to get Boxes for every kill. Is not BUG, Is not GM problem.
  4. Best Soulhound Lembra quando você matou 2 Trikster de Expelled? não existia tal clãn naquela época.
  5. admin

    What teh heall are you talking about? to eat .....+ ........ makes you retard? where says Dodge Increases physical skill evasion? Have WR's any skill who evades skils (pasives or actives) ??????????? On your lil brain Counter from GH should be -90%?
  6. admin

    You mean thata description is wrong or the skill are wrong. In any case go cry to NSOFT. nowhere does it say he has a chance to evade or a chance to cancel target. Once again, those skills are not at 100%, although they should be. NO matter if uses robe/heavy/light or w/o armor; skills works
  7. admin

    Bluff Duration time its wrong, sometimes are -2 seconds and "bug" in +10 seconds. Bluff reuse time 5 seconds, but also have "bug" ( you can use "n+1" times w/o delay). Dodge is not 100%, It have to be 100%, but is not. Switch is not 100% - have to be 100%. ***Because peoples like you, @max Destory all classes. It is not Max's fault that you don't know how to play l2, at least if you could read and reason a little you would know what your mistake is.
  8. Maybe is not for PvP farm, because all members from BB clan farm more than 300 PvP/day w/o no ban.
  9. +1. It happens when "peasant/adm tester" works on l2OFF and bring to l2Java. Now You are on way to find how to resist "bluff". GL
  10. BLUFF chance its OK, the problem is in the time, it usually happens that; sometimes is less than 2 seconds and sometimes over 9 seconds. About ADM/GM, doesn't give a shit about server.They are still testing on "l2OFF" and brings to "l2Java". That's why nothing works as it should,
  11. Tus neuronas están BUG y no dan animación. El .visualme NO modifica tus stats.
  12. What can we expect, if the server's "tester" uses that "BUG"?
  13. You all trashs, also modify interface to have shield buff as debuff. need more kekekekekkekekeke????