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Found 1 result

  1. guide

    Hello all, Many know me probably from Ingame and i just wanted to give my Side on how i Play GK and see if you agree with it or have any suggestions. Enjoy. So first of all...on this server i Play mostly Heavy Armor. Either Elegia or Vesper Heavy set. Momentarily i dont have the MW set that would give me more advantage but its fine. Second i play with 2 Fists. One is Health and the second one is Focus. Both on +1 STR augment and i use an augmented trash Weapon with the Augment active PvP.P.Atck for the little edge in PvP. Then i mostly play with +Duel on my Attack Skills. And my Zealot is on Time. My dyes vary between my Armors a lot. Mainly with Elegia Heavy i use +5 Str and +4 Con. With the Vesper i use +5 Con and +4 Str. And all of them are obviously -Dex!!! So yeah if i forgot something let me know and enjoy my "Guide". Regards, Panda