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Found 1 result

  1. The truth is that the new bindeo system seems absurd to me, I think that before putting bind to "Avoid feed" you should fix the classes, fix the geodatas, make new events, solve bugs such as a friend does not have "Holy Pomander" in his eva saint, you should pay attention to those things. WE HAVE TAKEN MORE THAN 3 MONTHS TELLING YOU TO ARRANGE CLASSES AT ONCE !!!! do something before the server finishes dying, keep in mind that the olys of l2 amerika have 3 rounds at most because they are a cancer, anticlasses for nothing, op classes, 8 minute system ... this system of 8 minutes added to the bindeo of the accounts make the olympeadas something boring, you should try to take the 8-minute system to leave it normal and remove the bindeo even for a week, bringing with it results which you can analyze and see what can be better for you. "L2 Amerika" does not die, you should see many more important issues than a simple bind, I hope you will take action on the matter or the server will lose one of the few "FUN" things that it has because the weekly activity is a pittance ... regards Shot00101.bmp