Antharas lair Deep (GCM)

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@Max i think i Can afford to tell that im the one of the best farmers at server but now i rly cant find a farm place where to farm.Let me explain. Soa Has 3colors RGB fór mage u Can farm always only in 1color. Why? Because u cant farm between mobs  which give silence and Also its nôt worth it to farm between birds.In red u cant farm now cause dmg is somehow rly low. I didnt try Green . So when Soa wasnt the way i tried to go Deep antharas lair but its nôt worth it to farm there alone without spoiler and u cant farm fór spoiler there solo.That leaded me to make best PT fór antharas lair Spoiler-for bigger drop 2sk's for nonstop SOS.Well it worked but no glory each of us farmed like 40GCM together 120 in like 2hours during christmass double drop rate idk if it was only fór adena or Also fór material.

So please if u Can somehow increase drop rate or decrease defence od mobs generally everywhere cause they are rly tough.

Sincerely- Sawky,Gyurikovits!! (Merry christmass to All who get Down here) :D.


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It.s true

Drop chance for GCM without spoiler is 1% :))....anywhere SoA..Lair Inside...

@Maxfix it bro ^^

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