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WTS / WTB Items

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Full Sets:

WTS Elegia Heavy Set+25 Full lvl 7

WTS Elegia Robe Set+25 Full lvl 7 with Sigil+25

WTS Elegia Light Set+25 Full lvl 7

WTS Elegia Robe - Heavy - Light Sets+20 All Clean Attribute (Sigil+20 and Shield+20 are included)


WTS 16 Weapons+25 Attribute lvl 4 (Freya 2)

WTS 6 Weapons+25 Clean Attribute (Freya 2)

WTS Vorpal Sigil+25 ( x5)

WTS 10 Weapons+20 Clean Attribute (Freya 1)

WTB List:

WTB Moirai Heavy Set Masterwork Set+25 with Shield Clean or Full Attribute

WTB Vesper Tunic (Robe) Masterwork (Main Part only) Clean of Full Attribute

WTB Vesper Sigil+25 Masterwork

WTB Moirai Shield+25 (Normal)

WTB VIP Warrior

WTB Claw Of Destruction+25

Leave a comment here or send me a msg here for more details or informations.

Thank you for your time!


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