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  2. The vote reward system has been updated to fix minor issues.
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  4. - Skill Trance chance reduced. - Bluff time is 9 seconds, not being able to receive double time by critical skill. Nerf removed (chance increased a bit). - The breakable castle walls have been fixed.
  5. - The olympiad bind was not removed, today the server was updated and tomorrow the olympiad bind will be active again.
  6. - Removed Skill Mastery double time for debuffs and stuns only. - Some improvements have been made to the autofarm system. - Counter Critical has been disabled for modifications. - Orbis Temple removed from farming zones, farming zones are being reworked this week.
  7. Enjoy this days to buy Gold Amerikas! All packages with +30% Gold Amerikas. This promotion is valid until November 25th.
  8. Olympiad antifeed bind character has been activated for a period of testing. The registration period after unbinding a character is 48 hours.
  9. The hosting company has informed us that they are doing maintenance now. There is a possibility that the connection may experience delays at times.
  10. New weapon skins have been added, now you can activate skins for each weapon type.
  11. Patch has been updated, to connect to the server, update through our launcher.
  12. - Conquerable Clan Halls received NPC Buffer and Global Gatekeeper. * Fortress of Resistance * Bandit Stronghold * Devasted Castle * Wild Beast Reserve * Rainbow Springs Chateau * Fortress of the Dead
  13. NPC Tatiana, Change Gender option for Kamael race has been disabled to avoid class conflicts.
  14. - Fixed the observation of fights in olympiads. - Champions have been disabled until they receive upgrades.
  15. - The weekly Olympiads will be tested for 1 month, given that many players are inactive in the Olympiads during the first week. Tomorrow will be the start of the first week of weekly Olympiads. - The Olympiad fight arenas will be randomly defined.
  16. New Auction has been added to CommunityBoard, now you can trade items with Silver Amerika. 1 Gold Amerika is equivalent to 100 Silver Amerikas. You can exchange Gold Amerika for Silver Amerika at any time on NPC Donate. Silver Amerika can only be used and traded on the Auction Community Board or exchange it for Gold Amerika. The sales charge is 5%.
  17. The Fortress was chosen, next week the event starts! Before the start of the event, any owner of the fortress will be evicted. Fortress: Western Fortress
  18. Get ready, a new battle will begin! The Master of Fortress Event is coming! How the event works - we will announce the fortress before the event starts, the clan that owns the fortress will receive 6x Medal of Glory every 60 minutes for 7 days. Prizes will be deposited in the clan warehouse every 60 minutes, for the clan that owns the fortress. About the event - be the master of the fortress, don't let your enemy get rewards for too long, attack your enemy when he least expects it.
  19. The speed limit has been changed from 250 to 265, for a practical test. Since slow classes have many resources to increase speed, fast classes are limited (250). This change will allow the runner classes to enjoy their full potential.
  20. An issue was encountered in the dyes when the base class was changed to subclass. Has the issue been fixed. Dyes have been removed from all characters on the server, you must add your dyes again.
  21. Fortress have been updated and now function like the retail. Some players are having difficulty opening the fortress doors to get the flag. So I made a video tutorial to show you how it should be done.
  22. The skills Silence, Seal of Silence, Curse of Doom and Voice Bind will have a time of 30 seconds and when enchant for increases the time, they will have a maximum time of 60 seconds. The changes will be applied on the next restart.
  23. - New anti-afk system for events has been implemented. - It is now no longer possible to use mounts during events.
  24. The golems have been improved and are now working perfectly. Use golems to break walls during Siege.
  25. It is now possible to send only essential items to pets, such as food and equipments.
  26. Patch updated to v6.9. Download the patch from the website or update via our launcher.
  27. Português PvP Zone Updates: Agora todos os jogadores irão receber uma recompensa por PvP Kill, exceto os healers que vão receber a recompensa de maneira diferente, quando temos X players dentro a zona e o numero TOTAL de KILLS dentro da zona for igual ao numero de players, os healers serão recompensados. A zona PvP vai ter 3 níveis de recompensas: Gift Box: - Gift Box PvP - Level 1 - 5-10 Players dentro da zona PvP. - Gift Box PvP - Level 2 - 10-24 Players dentro da zona PvP. - Gift Box PvP - Level 3 - 25+ Players dentro da zona PvP. Level 1 = PvP Killer Certificate e 10% Giants Codex Mastery. Level 2 = PvP Killer Certificate e 35% Giants Codex Mastery. Level 3 = PvP Killer Certificate e 50% Giants Codex Mastery. Fame: - Até 10 players dentro da zona os jogadores receberão 10 Fame por KILL e os healers receberão 10 Fame quando a zona atingir o total de 10 KILLS. - Acima de 10 players dentro da zona os jogadores receberão Fame x Numero de Jogadores dentro da zona PvP assim como os healers irão receber Fame quando o numero total de KILLS atingir o numero total de players dentro da zona pvp. - 10 Jogadores dentro da zona = 10 Fame por kill. - 15 Jogadores dentro da zona = 15 Fame por kill. - 20 Jogadores dentro da zona = 15 Fame por kill.
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