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  2. (enjoy fellow) also has 3 parties stuck into his healer ass lmao, get hands bro
  3. I agree with you! Very reason
  4. Yesterday
  5. enjoy what? blurred video where you heal some guys? superfantastic attractive amazing cool fabulous brilliant (no)
  6. lol, noo, they don't want to earn money - they just want to get it with no effort. I would donate if I haven't seen what an awful trash the server became into. It was just abandoned, even more bugs appeared after "Amerika bithday"!
  7. This simple explained in the image ... AMERIKA IS DRAWN
  8. It seems to me that money drives everything ...
  9. here is the reality, and voting sites show what it is and has to be
  10. oh, cooomooon, New event maps introduced - can't play - always stuck in textures. Old event on the Obelisk map - also totally broken textures after the "Amerika birthday week". Amerika birthday week - already 15 of June (2+ weeks), awful celebration with useless Mammon - looks like @Max already abandoned the server
  11. @Max we need you to connect and fix the bugs that are on the server. There is a lot of lag, the npc of nobles does not appear and many of us cannot become nobles. The drop of many things costs but hey, it takes time to put things together but that is not the important thing. We need you to pay attention to the server, there are many people playing and many enter to play, and they all ask for the nobles, and not even the quests do not work. It would be great for an administrator or game master to make the server available at least once a week so that they can give back, or improve things. Be on the lookout when users ask for wisp. I hope you can read it @Max ♥
  12. Last week
  13. Bugs and unbalance is never enough...
  14. Haunt will come asking “what is quality, may I eat it?
  15. You are right however, they are easy, we spent all day killing haunts bot parties in farming zone. Full noob clan Quality>Quantity
  16. even 1 Old is broken
  17. all new events are bugged, lol. THANNKS @Max We see that you're doing your best every day
  18. Yes, events are bugged as fuk!
  19. Earlier
  20. What u say about "OLD RTB" you are a random guy, maybe you dont know 5 old rtb players xD, the old RTB killed you, and the current one continues to do so, next RTB will continue to do it so you better to shut up
  21. how adorable <3
  22. "Expelled killer" Brother of alazon, are u?
  23. Yo también lo comprobé.. y no está funcionando
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