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    Yo guys, I wanted to post something as I can see the server is slowly dying, marketplace is dying, PvP Area empty half the time. The only solution I see is by increase the population of the server which is possible if we all keep voting and the GM starts to care about the server, I don't see the GM doing anything at all, If the GM/GM's start to improve server by fixing some stuff and introducing other stuff then maybe we can bring the server back to life. I have been told that it says the server is "offline" in some voting websites. I returned to this game only a few months ago because I played it during all my youth. Let's try and make this server better than it is, It IS achievable for sure! Who's with me?
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    I almost never use the forum to say something about sv. If I do, I do it in the game although I already know that they will not solve anything in the game, but the truth is that from my point of view this detail of the gm with the players that makes a year or more that have been playing your server this birthday is very miserable, put some weapons and temporary items, very poor gifts to its members and little help to the real players who want to play and improve the sv. It only helps those who are toxic all day for the Olympics
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    L2Amerika Birthday Week! This week we celebrate 13 Years Online! To celebrate we will be doing some promotions and the launch of new farming areas! Attention! keep your patch up to date!
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    how adorable <3
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    Hello Server Happy you clicked on another one of my post so... WELCOME! watch my latest video Like and Subscribe Thank You!
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    enjoy what? blurred video where you heal some guys? superfantastic attractive amazing cool fabulous brilliant (no)
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    So i see the new update has come out, and all i see when i goto the new zone is Haunt clan using bots as a clear as day.... Iilililil and his party so obvoosuly using a bot, as soon as a mob appears its targeted. Think max needs to check the server...
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    Bugs and unbalance is never enough...
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    @Max @Max @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] So everybody was excited about new stuff .... PVP weapons are kinda ok even for farm but directly 1st problem starts here!! (10Refresh coins)????????????? 1RC=3GA?????? u fcking crazy ?????? its 30ga for 30days weapon. its not even worth it to buy that coins its better to farm for that weapons again why u didnt made like 30RC for 1-2ga? how u can even put 1RC for 3ga? what kind of sence it has?? 2nd problem hair stuff....so we went farm...guess waht we found in 1hour ......bones are not tradeable JEEEEESUS CHRIST ON HEAVEN!!!!! when u made ppl farm 16K BONES for 7DAYS!!!!! at least make it tradeable or ure completly crazy???? ppl wont be able to farm those numbers every week its not even fun its annoying .... in my opinion that hair items could be totally FOREVER not for 7days....and that Refresh coins i just lost my words brotha....i dont know if ure in that desperate situation that u have to earn on server this way 1RC=3ga u cant be serious. SAWKY A.K.A EXPELLED KILLER :333 cyaaaaaa
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    "Expelled killer" Brother of alazon, are u?
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    I think server needs something other than weapons for 30 days ...
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    Votation to ban every expelled members especially laeH
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    GM was online more than a month ago, maybe the server is already dead and he will not be paying for the hosting anymore. No support, no activity, I'm almost new here, "wanted to help the server to grow" but what for, afraid of wasting my money. Admin doesn't want money and server to grow - okay. We all see. Last online 21 Aplil - now 30 May. Olymp - lots of positions with only 1 player participated and they are heroes - the most awful part. well shows the online - not the ~1.7k like it shows, the real online can reach 200 players - without offline traders sad sad sad.
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    In order to prevent bots in Olympiads, the bind system in Olympiads will be activated tomorrow.
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    @Max we need you to connect and fix the bugs that are on the server. There is a lot of lag, the npc of nobles does not appear and many of us cannot become nobles. The drop of many things costs but hey, it takes time to put things together but that is not the important thing. We need you to pay attention to the server, there are many people playing and many enter to play, and they all ask for the nobles, and not even the quests do not work. It would be great for an administrator or game master to make the server available at least once a week so that they can give back, or improve things. Be on the lookout when users ask for wisp. I hope you can read it @Max ♥
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    lol, noo, they don't want to earn money - they just want to get it with no effort. I would donate if I haven't seen what an awful trash the server became into. It was just abandoned, even more bugs appeared after "Amerika bithday"!
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    It seems to me that money drives everything ...
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    here is the reality, and voting sites show what it is and has to be
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    oh, cooomooon, New event maps introduced - can't play - always stuck in textures. Old event on the Obelisk map - also totally broken textures after the "Amerika birthday week". Amerika birthday week - already 15 of June (2+ weeks), awful celebration with useless Mammon - looks like @Max already abandoned the server
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    What u say about "OLD RTB" you are a random guy, maybe you dont know 5 old rtb players xD, the old RTB killed you, and the current one continues to do so, next RTB will continue to do it so you better to shut up
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    @Max can u explain why the noblesse npc has dissapear? and the caradine's letter is not working and u are still selling it in the special shop, its incredible, u can fix something or improve the sv and u do quite the opposite, pls bring back the noblesse npc or fix caradines letter, u put weapons who needs a lot of farm and now u want we make the quest for each new char? pls max be smart!
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    En el Special Shop -> Quest Items
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    happy birthday Amerika...... very bad
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    Totally wrong claims. If you was asking to revert this crap you could have a like from me.
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    You are right mate .. They would have made a good gift for Amerika's birthday, but hey ... we will continue farming to one day be full. - Greetings -
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    Depende, es cuestión que le dediquen tiempo AHORA, porque ahora con las cosas nuevas deberían darle importancia a la nueva actualización y todo lo bueno que tiene el Amerika apartando unas cosas.. Pero es cuestión que lo arreglen despacio y siga siendo un buen server.
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    El server nunca va a volver a ser lo que era por que para eso tienen que restartearlo.. pero venderlo de una forma increíble para que la gente vuelva a entrar la verdad es un excelente server.. no tenía necesidad de tocarse todo lo que se toco.. solo dedicarse a ARREGLAR los bug.. cosas que es lo que menos se hizo.. pero como digo si el GM hiciese un restar de seguro que entraría más gente de lo que entra ahora no a ser lo que era en si momento en los primeros meses pero si a ser un server con bastante gente en pvp... eventos y tw o accedio.. así solo da pena.. aunque lo ayuda el echo de que no se encuentra servers H5 que dure más de 3 meses..
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    No ay diversión en el servidor .. zonas de pvp que te consumen tanto internet como la capacidad de tu pc solo con 40 player en la zona .. muy mala optimización del server .. también genero que la gente no jugará más .. no poder desactivar las visuales también genera lag en el servidor y que no permite ver los set bugueado .. que se que lo ay por que yo lo tengo .. así .. y el GM lo sabe ..
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    El servidor empezó a decaer cuando se empezaron a tocar cosas que no se devieron tocar nunca.. tratar de hacer un sistema de olys family friendly y editando cosas para que sea compatible a las arena de olys y sus pendejadas largando nuevos sistemas para evitar el inevitable bote que se podía arreglar solo poniendo mobs flag y la gente misma del server evitaría el boteo.. así tocaron tanto el server que la gente se fue y no quiere volver a entrar .. me incluyo..
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    What do you mean during covid, this is well known since the beginning of societies.. and I disagree with 9. It’s not the scientists the problem but the person showing you these reports. I like to drive when it rains and i like to watch teletubies when I am high. have a good one
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    I agree with you, many of us work and that way we can go in to play for a little while. In my case, I'm not all full, I just go in to do a little adena and that's it. But yes, there are a lot of arrangements with the olys theme ... Since I stopped playing, and now that I returned, they remain almost the same
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    Obviously, it is best to play, I am not pulling the server down. What's more, now I'm playing it
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    Amerika will outlive all of you, haters.
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    Hi guys, I don't know how long have you been far from the server, but actually, at least the last year, it has kept the same login, during the week with more or less ppl, but enough to enjoy the events, and PvP zone in some hours (the people work too), and weekends with full login for a TW / siege. I agree with you in that there are a lot of things that the GM could take care off and improve, but there is too a lot of people that give life to the server every day. About olys, that is taken for the more flamer clan on the server (Expelled), and nobody wants to participate, they only feed points between them (have all the classes), and if they see any other people in the olys, they attack with personal insults, racism, disqualifications. Who will want to play this way?. In reality, they are the cancer of the olys in the server. Regards.
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    Brainless stupid people reporting for everything.
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    Did you just assume his race?