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    After the last Siege and TW we followed the reports from our network and came to the conclusion that we needed to move to a network with greater traffic and better stability. Taking advantage of the moment we bought a more powerful dedicated server with a 10GBPS network. Today we made the transfer and the lags in Siege and TW will not happen anymore.
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    Regarding requests sent in the form of a "letter" to the server. I think it is valid, and there are many good suggestions, which have been analyzed and will be implemented on the server. This is not to say that all suggestions will be implemented. But the suggestions are always important for the dynamics of the server. We are happy for this! As for the video that was posted today, I confirm that we reject any racist or xenophobic act. Racism is not funny, racism is no joke. Whenever there was, we will ban access from our server.
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    The PvP zone will have two modes soon, Hard mode (hidden names) and normal mode, until this is done, we will disable hard mode. We modified the RaidBoss/GrandBoss drop system, everyone who is hitting the boss has a chance to get the drops.
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    Some problems in the PvP zone has been been fixed. We updated our interface for a new and lighter, to improve the game's performance with the same tools. We added a new system to filter the chat, please use the game chat correctly, the chat will be filtered and insults can result in banishment.
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    The PvP zone has hard mode enabled. In this mode, you cannot invite a party or see the names of enemies. Soon we will add the progressive rewards mode, the more players in the PVP zone, the bigger the reward! This will be available soon! The double drop items and spoil has been activated! Enjoy! - Fixed small issues in events.
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    New website We have developed a more beautiful site with more detailed server information. We also improved the donation system and the reward of votes. You now receive game coins via email in real time, no need to restart the character. Mardil's Fan We added Mardil's Fan {PvP} to buy with fame and Gold Amerika in NPCs.
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    1 - We are developing a new anti-feed system for Olympiads. I believe that next week the system will be in operation, in any case I will give you a deadline of 15 days to put the new anti-feed system in operation. 2 - Toxic players will be severely punished from the server. We are working on a new approach to combat player toxicity in chat. 3 - The weapons infinity will be improved, just as the rewards of the Olympiad will also be improved. This is a result of a system that will end the feed in the Olympiads, separating the bad players from the Olympiads. 4 - Players who try to cheat in the Olympiad will be added to the mural of shame.
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    Fixed the AutoPotion MP with Arcane Shield issue. AutoPotion MP will stop when Arcane Shield is activated, when Arcane Shield ends AutoPotion MP will activate again.
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    Fixed the Insane Crusher skill, it has a 100% chance to cancel 1 buff, every chance can vary according to the resistance, even if it is 100% it can reduce with your resistance. It can also cancel from 1 to 4 buffs with additional cancellation with a 25% rate chance. So Insane Crusher can cancel a maximum of 5 buffs. And the reuse delay was increased to balance the skill.
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    Gather your friends and bring your clan to L2Amerika! In this special end of year promotion, we will offer you a full level 11 clan with all skills. This promotion is valid only for new clans with a large number of players. Please Contact us via discord with the following information: Discord: https://discord.com/invite/Agpfrq9NEG - Name of the clan. - Number of active members. - Which server are you coming from? - Where did you find L2Amerika? That done, create the clan and add the members to the clan and wait for a GM to verify. If it meets all the requirements, we will put your full level 11 clan with all skills.
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    Today L2Amerika celebrate 12 years online! To celebrate, we added new PvP zones and the pvp zone will give 20 fame for each kill. The NPC Lilith in Goddard have many promotions for you, the promotions will be available until June 5th! Exchange email, nick, clan name, etc... Have reduced prices!
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    TerritoryWar Fixed a small issue about outposts. Olympiads We now have a 10 minute break between calls for the Olympiad battles, which means that players who do not register in time will wait for the next round to register with all other players. We have also reduced the call time from 120 seconds to 30 seconds.
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    PvP Rotation Zone Healers now have a 20 second delay to revive. The change will take effect after the next scheduled restart.
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    Farming Zones The farming zones have been updated, so now you can farm with archers too. In Seed of Annihilation you can also farm with mages. Boss Killer Certificate Boss Killer - Certificate has been added. You will use this item to buy boss jewelry from the Special Shop. Forgotten Protections The Forgotten Protection Scrolls have been removed from the shops as the skill will now be added to all characters automatically. This measure was taken with a view to balancing new players with older players.
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    Our patch has been updated, some improvements are being applied and the server will be receiving multiclient mode soon.
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    - Some issues have been fixed on server engine to prevent bugs and improve server functions. - Cubic Heal adjusted like L2OFF. - To prevent bots we blocked DualBox in Grand Boss room (Baium, Valakas, Antharas, Beleth). - Server prepared to work with two clients, High Five and Grand Crusade. Why? The new client has better memory management, preventing FPS drops, providing more "fluid" gameplay during massive pvp. The new game client will be available in a few days.
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    Now, when Baium, Antharas and Valakas wake up, all players will become flagged. Wait for the next restart.
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    Some customs items have been temporarily disabled from Olympiads, such as Tattoos and VIPs. This will help as a test and basis for an adjustment. This is not definitive.
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    PvP Rotation Zone Now the pvp zone completely restores your CP/HP/MP after reviving. And the debuffs are removed.
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    Tomorrow L2Amerika will be completing 11 years online! That's why we will be offering better prices in some donations items and double drop throughout the day. Enjoy the weekend at L2Amerika!
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    Keep the patch updated, today we will release the 22 new skins to server.
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    The skill enchant rate has been increased, making enchantment steps more likely to succeed. This will bring a better balance between new and old players.
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    L2Amerika Birthday Week! This week we celebrate 13 Years Online! To celebrate we will be doing some promotions and the launch of new farming areas! Attention! keep your patch up to date!
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    We went through an unexpected maintenance on the dedicated server. The bug with the cancel return was fixed, this was causing problems with some buffs.
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    The new geoengine has been placed on the server. After many tests, the new geoengine proved to be stable, any problems should be reported here on the forum.
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    We added new Olympiad stadiums, the old stadiums now have a new look and arenas are more cleaner, without useless obstacles to avoid geodata bugs. Update your patch to see new Olympiad stadiums. Our geoengine has been updated, however, this is in testing phase, if new geoengine have any problem, please report it and we will try to fix soon as possible.
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    Today our patch has been updated. Use our launcher to get the latest updates. We fixed problems with lags during equipment change. The interface was improved for game performance. Some functions have been added, Auto Attribute equipament, Radio and more... Now you can listen to the radio during the game (System Menu > 2nd Attributes > Radio).
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    We are making available an alternative patch, with the same features, however this patch may seem lighter to some players. Then you can download it and test it. https://www.mediafire.com/file/dzvzzia52g4o80z/Interface_Alternative_v4.rar/file
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    Duel summon bug Fixed issue with Duel where character was invulnerable and locked on the floor. PvP Rotation Now the pvp rotating zone will start players flagged when entering the combat zone. We added again some old combat zones of map. You can give some more suggestions of pvp zones, post your suggestion on our forum... You can also send screenshot. Baylor more stronger We've added a new Baylor with weapons boss for drop, the respawn is weekly. Some adjustments to his statistics may be adjusted over the next few weeks. TerritoryWar Some logical corrections of the flag counter have been made.
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    Skills Deflect Magic was corrected, the resistance variable was adjusted according to retail server. Nightshade sacrifice fixed. TerritoryWar Some functional adjustments were made to the Territory War system to prevent any failure. Items Tattoo of resolve has skill adjusted according to the other tattoos. Before, the statistic was much more compared to the other tattoos. Geodata Our geoengine has been redesigned. There should be no geodata bug in Olympiads. However, keep reporting if there is any geodata fault.
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    The new antifeed system was added. Now you must choose only one character per PC to participate in the Olympiads. When you start participating in the Olympiads, the NPC will ask which character will participate, so you should confirm. After you have a character registered to participate in the Olympiads, you will not be able to participate with any other characters. If you wish to cancel participation to start participation with another character, you must wait 3 days to initiate another registration.
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    To enter the tower you need to have the Key of The Evil Eye. To get the key you need to kill the monsters in Steel Citadel, you have 8% drop chance, this is basically easy to start the journey.
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    - Cleaned up offline trades in invalid zones and selling useless items with crazy prices. - Maintenance was also done on the dedicated server to maintain the best performance. - Rate chance debuff formulas have been revised and formulas improved to better balance.
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    New players will now receive voucher to exchange for initial equipaments +20 in Charlize NPC (Giran Harbor). These equipments have an expiration of 7 days. Initial Equipaments: Vesper Armor +20, Vesper Weapons +20, Jewels Boss +20.
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    The pvp zone has been updated. Now monsters that are taken to the PVP zone will return to their starting location.
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    - Siege's temporary alliances have been fixed. "At the moment when a siege begins, all the castle gates are closed. The castle and its surrounding territory become a battle zone. An army of defenders appears. You need to defeat them to get into the room with the Holy Artifact. From the moment when the siege starts, the participants are joined into a temporary alliance which falls apart after the first victory." references: confirmed high five, l2wiki. - Grand/Raid Bosses will no longer receive healing effects, only animation. - Grand/Raid Bosses zone flag is disabled for now, the boss drop system has already been modified on last update.
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    After many reports of lags our patch has returned to the more stable version. Masterwork armor status have been restored.
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    An unexpected update to our operating system caused a conflict with the server. The problem was resolved quickly.
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    Bot Report Button The bot report system has been improved. Now you will have 10 points a day to report bots, each report consumes 1 point. When a player receives 3 reports, he will have to answer a question, otherwise he will go to jail. Repeated bots will have a progressive penalty. We added filters... So that it cannot be used for spam!
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    The images of captcha antibot have been corrected, the captcha antibot is now active again.
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    Double Drops have been enabled and Event Rewards have been BOOSTED! Enjoy the weekend!
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    PvP Zone PvP zone rewards have been increased. You can now get 10 Fame every kill and you can get Codex Mastery by opening the Gift Box. This may not be permanent, so enjoy the moment.
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    Blessed Enchants All Blessed enchants have been added to the shops, except Grade-D. Giants Codex Mastery You can now exchange Raid Crystal for Giants Codex Mastery. Remembering that this can be for a limited time. Medal of Glory We've added Medal of Glory as a reward for events, through the exchange of Event Medal.
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    AutoPotions We modified our AutoPotion system, removed it from the interface and added the option to activate the potions on the bar. Because some players were having problems such as lag and disconnections. Rate Drops The item and spoil drops rates has been increased to improve equipment for new players. Events We increased event awards! We added a significant amount of fame to the winners. PvP Players inactive for 1 month have their pvp count reseted. The pvp rank must be for active players on the server.
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    Patch The patch has been updated, use our launcher to update the patch automatically. AutoPotions We have changed the autopotions function, now you just activate the desired potions with CTRL + Click.
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    Antharas Lair Inside We increased the Giants Codex Mastery normal and spoil drop. The drop of Earth Stone was improved too.
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    O novo sistema de Antifeed foi adicionado. Agora você deve escolher apenas um personagem por PC para participar das Olimpíadas. Quando você começar a participar das Olimpíadas, o NPC perguntará qual personagem irá participar, então você deve confirmar. Depois de ter um personagem registrado para participar das Olimpíadas, você não poderá participar com nenhum outro personagem. Se você deseja cancelar a participação para iniciar a participação com outro personagem, você deve esperar 3 dias para iniciar outro registro.
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    Updated patch, fixed visual of augment weapons.
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    Some geodata bugs from the Olympiads have been fixed, but it is not yet the geoengine update. A few more days and the new geoengine will be ready.
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    Smart cubics were sometimes having trouble activating. The Cubic system has been revised and reorganized, it is now fixed and working perfectly.