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  1. The vote reward system has been updated to fix minor issues.
  2. - Skill Trance chance reduced. - Bluff time is 9 seconds, not being able to receive double time by critical skill. Nerf removed (chance increased a bit). - The breakable castle walls have been fixed.
  3. - The olympiad bind was not removed, today the server was updated and tomorrow the olympiad bind will be active again.
  4. - Removed Skill Mastery double time for debuffs and stuns only. - Some improvements have been made to the autofarm system. - Counter Critical has been disabled for modifications. - Orbis Temple removed from farming zones, farming zones are being reworked this week.
  5. Enjoy this days to buy Gold Amerikas! All packages with +30% Gold Amerikas. This promotion is valid until November 25th.
  6. Olympiad antifeed bind character has been activated for a period of testing. The registration period after unbinding a character is 48 hours.
  7. The hosting company has informed us that they are doing maintenance now. There is a possibility that the connection may experience delays at times.
  8. New weapon skins have been added, now you can activate skins for each weapon type.
  9. Patch has been updated, to connect to the server, update through our launcher.
  10. - Conquerable Clan Halls received NPC Buffer and Global Gatekeeper. * Fortress of Resistance * Bandit Stronghold * Devasted Castle * Wild Beast Reserve * Rainbow Springs Chateau * Fortress of the Dead
  11. NPC Tatiana, Change Gender option for Kamael race has been disabled to avoid class conflicts.
  12. - Fixed the observation of fights in olympiads. - Champions have been disabled until they receive upgrades.
  13. - The weekly Olympiads will be tested for 1 month, given that many players are inactive in the Olympiads during the first week. Tomorrow will be the start of the first week of weekly Olympiads. - The Olympiad fight arenas will be randomly defined.
  14. New Auction has been added to CommunityBoard, now you can trade items with Silver Amerika. 1 Gold Amerika is equivalent to 100 Silver Amerikas. You can exchange Gold Amerika for Silver Amerika at any time on NPC Donate. Silver Amerika can only be used and traded on the Auction Community Board or exchange it for Gold Amerika. The sales charge is 5%.
  15. The Fortress was chosen, next week the event starts! Before the start of the event, any owner of the fortress will be evicted. Fortress: Western Fortress