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  1. You are right however, they are easy, we spent all day killing haunts bot parties in farming zone. Full noob clan Quality>Quantity
  2. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You are so proud that an sos tank with a cardi could kill a necro... sad guy Congrats on your victory against the mage! I do have to give you credit though, this is the first time you didn't have to run to separated soul to teleport away flagged in dvc! You are getting better
  3. "This was a report about RTB using bugs with proof"- You found 2 people who happen to have a server bug in while they are in pt. First, that is not "RTB using bugs." Second, nobody has complained saying "Haunt uses bugs in zone" when your bows spawn and cannot be targeted, yet they are attacking people. This is because we understand that the server has a few issues and we work around that. No blame should be thrown to people who accidentally get bugged while playing under normal circumstances. To that point, I have seen one screenshot of a player intentionally using that server bug and it was the initial one, where the player tries to cover up all the information. Oh, and go figure, its a haunt player Finally, please stop trying to vilify the GM's. They are impartial and have never helped RTB. On multiple occasions, the dreadfully noob-like players on this forum have qq'd about RTB using bugs and we have always complied with the GM's request to show them how we play. The GMs have watched us in TW and in Siege because of your complaints and we never had any bugs or issues in. Felerian even had to show max how his reflect worked because sos tanks were crying about the dmg "he made." Focus on the real problem, your clans cannot kill us even when you have a healer. Get together, test dmgs, go practice in coli, hell... ask us for tutorials if you want. Bye Felicia!
  4. He gets mad for people accidentally having a bug that was brought by the server and wants them banned. Then he curses to the GM... wonder who really deserves the ban.