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  1. sorry bro i didnt ask for opinion :DD
  2. Q_Q Looking for OLD RTB this new ones are not worth a word U_U and actually it was River not lake lol
  3. @Max @Max @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] So everybody was excited about new stuff .... PVP weapons are kinda ok even for farm but directly 1st problem starts here!! (10Refresh coins)????????????? 1RC=3GA?????? u fcking crazy ?????? its 30ga for 30days weapon. its not even worth it to buy that coins its better to farm for that weapons again why u didnt made like 30RC for 1-2ga? how u can even put 1RC for 3ga? what kind of sence it has?? 2nd problem hair we went farm...guess waht we found in 1hour ......bones are not tradeable JEEEEESUS CHRIST ON HEAVEN!!!!! when u made ppl farm 16K BONES for 7DAYS!!!!! at least make it tradeable or ure completly crazy???? ppl wont be able to farm those numbers every week its not even fun its annoying .... in my opinion that hair items could be totally FOREVER not for 7days....and that Refresh coins i just lost my words brotha....i dont know if ure in that desperate situation that u have to earn on server this way 1RC=3ga u cant be serious. SAWKY A.K.A EXPELLED KILLER :333 cyaaaaaa
  4. Can somebody tell me like why i cant see oly arenas? when im using original L2files for that?
  5. i explained last time here at forum...that max should finally set different skill landing and dmg at oly and normal pvp...i really dont care about oly anymore on this server
  6. im talking about pvp not olympiad....i dont care anymore aout this broken olympiad :))
  7. Max ppl are playing on this server cause they love H5 dont change client just thinga on server.....add new maps for farming...add new skins, new cloaks,make weak classes playable again like Mystyc Muse or hell knight....u can start yo repaur whenever you want.Dont change client thats only reason why ppl are playing here just give us something interesting .....thanks which new ppl will come and thanks that you will earn more money and we will have more fun...its win win situation 🥳🥳🥳