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  1. enjoy what? blurred video where you heal some guys? superfantastic attractive amazing cool fabulous brilliant (no)
  2. lol, noo, they don't want to earn money - they just want to get it with no effort. I would donate if I haven't seen what an awful trash the server became into. It was just abandoned, even more bugs appeared after "Amerika bithday"!
  3. here is the reality, and voting sites show what it is and has to be
  4. oh, cooomooon, New event maps introduced - can't play - always stuck in textures. Old event on the Obelisk map - also totally broken textures after the "Amerika birthday week". Amerika birthday week - already 15 of June (2+ weeks), awful celebration with useless Mammon - looks like @Max already abandoned the server
  5. even 1 Old is broken
  6. all new events are bugged, lol. THANNKS @Max We see that you're doing your best every day
  7. happy birthday Amerika...... very bad
  8. GM was online more than a month ago, maybe the server is already dead and he will not be paying for the hosting anymore. No support, no activity, I'm almost new here, "wanted to help the server to grow" but what for, afraid of wasting my money. Admin doesn't want money and server to grow - okay. We all see. Last online 21 Aplil - now 30 May. Olymp - lots of positions with only 1 player participated and they are heroes - the most awful part. well shows the online - not the ~1.7k like it shows, the real online can reach 200 players - without offline traders sad sad sad.