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  1. admin

    And that is exactly why gm is avoiding any or all communication Also my WR at least so far dose not hit like a GH not even close! Can i survive per say longer than my Adve? yes hell yes! Do more dmg or equal us a GH? No not so much... Also about bluff i do not understand what you mean it dose not work even with all that i mentioned you are not invisible you just get bluffed less its not like you will be "unblufuble" We are talkin at +15 skill chance! (WITH ADDED SHOCK/MENTAL PROPERTIES FROM JWS) my bluff at least lands 2/3 times per x1 if it lasts long! But yeah i know some people that can keep me pretty much perma bluffed but i have come to the conclusion that this case is only with a small % of players that know some think i do not so far... (Mostly vs GH i get this)
  2. admin

    Dodge is supposed to be 100% for 10 seconds on close range skill AKA melee range and its not! That is Wind riders bread and butter skill that is what makes WR an WR! Wind rider is not famed for his dmg but rather for hes extreme survivability! The chain is not broken GH does what GH does Best DAMAGE wr does what he does best SURVIVE! Adve on the other hand Crys in the corner! You cry about switch but imagine if ADVE skills where working Trick +1 Cancel taeget Mirage +1 pvp armor +1 Switch +1 so imagine actually fighting something that is pretty much untargetable! A Heavy armor does not mean your spells will not work! You can argue if heavy armor would worth it or not since you don't get practicaly any limitations for using it! You can dodge skills even with out armor or robe armor! The rest are up for debate though! Also Bluff is pretty easy to get rid off the way it is Con+ Tezza + Grounding +30 shock + certis warrior and thats for pretty much all Shock Mental abilities in the game! You cant expect to play vs Dagger Tank or any stun class with CON-4 dyes and expect to not get chain stuned to oblivion.... thats lineage....
  3. admin

    Stop fighting over trivial thinks my post was not about balance or what ever you people want to do! Its about communication! If we do not have gms and admins around we cant talk about any of that so how about we focus on the real problem! If you have someone actively monitoring and testing stuff out you can have some proper changes and/or balances if you do not all this fighting crying and begging in the forum will not help anyone! Yes WR is over tuned! Yes GH is overtuned yes Adve is hot garbage its common knowledge at this point!
  4. I can say i figured that all ready still there are a lot of other thinks i have not clearly! At least on our fight this morning i did not die cuz of bluff even though i lost...
  5. That happens cuz its not "Bluff" its altered and its some how a *stun*! that is why there is a variation in time, stun duration is not a set time!
  6. admin

    I am in the server for one month i am a returning lineage player that restarted the game due to corona lock downs and lot of free time! I have yet to see a SINGLE gm or admin to be online or to answer petitions about problems and possible bugs! I have emailed you about certain class problems "Doombringer" "not buggs" not "other people" and i have yet to hear a single word! I have posted here in the forum you advertise in the server and even messaged you here! Yet not a single reply! I tried to reach out to you about the simplest thinks like the clan hall issue that it requires minimal effort on your part to fix! Summon 2 all ready made npc to Each and Every clan hall to at least justify the absurd cost they have 300 Bilions Bid and 4bilions + costs per day! The whole server is in ruckus about possible bugs in game and in forum yet no answers are given here or online! In conclusion the server is abandoned besides the automated *features* that it offers with minimal at best or non existent moderation! And all communication doors are closed! You advertise "Donate and Help us Improve" poko****[email protected] you can see the paypal transactions the insane amount i gave to the server so you can "Improve" you have more than a "help"! More like above the average monthly income of a working man in most parts of Europe CAN YOU CARE AND IMPROVE? OR I NEED TO FIND A LEGAL WAY TO REFUND MY MONEY AND MOVE ON!? I am not asking for extra items or special treatment on any way! All i am asking is an active form of moderation on the Community and Server and quality of game play that benefits all players/admins/server! Best Regards & Stay Healthy!
  7. What if i tell you that there no such thing us bluff on this server! Its "STUN" not Bluff cuz bluff is "Mental" attack but for some reasons CON+/+tezza works wonders on this so Called "Bluff". Also WR is pretty much immortal cuz it has to much going on for him! (heals/skill evasion on such a low CD) and hes dmg is the same or more than TH, and lets not forget the whole heavy MW think on him! Plus the only reason TH is "Nerfed" is from all the "Target Locks" Ppl run in this server trick/switch/Mirage are borderline useless when 99% of the time enemy player never looses target! Sounds like a waste of time though! Gms are not around or just don't care! Fun Fact Clan halls for some reason do not get even the basic npcs like tp/buffer and are costing 300 gold bars low key just to add walk time to the nearest Gate keeper after you accidentally spawn there!
  8. It was on C2 not interlude and it was only for sieges and walls not a viable strategy to go out for pvp you where loosing DEF/SPEED/EVASION and some attack speed only to get the maximum damage possible and again i repeat in the context of a siege on a wall with a healer up your butt and the moment someone is shooting you you die! You are talking about the Glass Canon build Archer if it works? Yes clearly, can you actually pvp with it? No absolutely freaking not, we are not talking about min maxing stats and strats to get better results here but for a clear advantage with out any visible drawbacks we are not talking about a glass canon we are talking about a cannon that moves faster that hes natural born enemy in the game and has double the defence and pretty much the same attack speed us he used 2 with light... Not the same not by a long shot... Us i said lets call it something else and not lineage at this point.
  9. Go take a look at your passives! Look up a skill called armor mastery now go look your archer... does it say Heavy Armor mastery? No!? Bump!! Please stop calling bugs features! I never said anything about the buff bugs or what ever they say they do! But openly saying you play archer with "Heavy" and you say it seriously and for some reason this works and you call it a "solution" on an equal problem ("Daggers kill my archer" QQ) , that btw it is how the game is build (you know good old rock>paper>scissors basic rpg functions) Do i need to define what rpg stands for? It dose not say anywhere CUSTOM SERVER on the contrary it clearly state the opposite of that! Classes with out the corresponding armor mastery should not be able to utilize that particular armor to its full extend! (Yes you can equip Heavy armor on Archer but your atack speed move speed and all the other stats that you suposedly gain from light AND ITS FREAKING MASTERY are lost! So you can go around shooting with 300 attack speed) FFS are we talking lineage right now or an other game people get you facts straight! Or at the very least lets call it something else (Lineage 3?) and let me enjoy my kamael with heavy mastery (and working skills for a change) cuz that would be fun to watch.
  10. I quote the server information! "Resources and Fundamentals Our administrators try to keep the server as fair and balanced as possible. With all that we are against any change of skills and classes, to preserve the most of the original game, however, we have added some necessary methods for a PvP server. Preserve much to stay and satisfaction of our players on the server." IF IT WAS NOT A BUG ALL HEAVYS WOULD WORK ON THE ARCHERS AND AT THIS POINT IT WOULD BE CALLED A FEATURE AND BE LISTED SOMEWHERE! why it is so hard for some people to understand! This exist cuz you and all the others who know about it DONT POST IT AND HAVE THE GMS FIX it! It exists becouse you are ok with that us long us not every one knows about it! Your words : "Yo it was a secret why you expose it like that !?!??!" Do i need to proceed dissecting you pathetic excuses for using bugs to offset your lack of any actual game knowledge besides F1/F2 spamming? Or you get my point?
  11. Dagger is made to kill your archer, and your archer is made to kill the mages and my db is made to kill both of you at the same time and die helplessly the moment he faces a Duelist or a tank! You did not find a solution you found a bug and you are abusing it! You can call it what ever makes you feel better! Pls go play on a Retail server once and come back to teach me how things are suposed to work!
  12. Same problem... You attitude is part of the problem not the solution... I main dagger and i play with Dynasty MW like its supposed to be! If for what ever reason i was able to get the same stats with 3000 more def with a heavy i would report it not use it to play "God" and call people "pet"! Doing what the "Bugger" Does is not the solution its the problem! Dagger/archer/mage what ever you want to call it! And not calling it a secret would be a lie cuz i am here for 1.5 weeks my clan a bit more and i don't know about it nor do they! Its not like its writen in the Servers Specs and Features its a bug its something that its not suposed to work and you openly admit that you use it and your excuse is "look at dagger... "you are lame bro!
  13. You realise that this is not how you improve! You improve with hands and time to learn you character not with a combo that should not be possible to begin with!
  14. I don't know how about we put apples with apples and oranges with oranges! Hello welcome you are an archer here are 3 set of lights you can use min/max and play with Dyna elegia Vorpal now go have fun! You want heavy bud? Here take it with 300 attack speed and god bless you! ow Hello you are a dagger main? Here take this armors and go play! What? you want heavy? Your Skill reuse will go down 50% Good luck with that buddy! Problem Fixed simple us that! What you Found a bug and abuse it? BANNED no matter who what or where! Its that fucking simple! Period, the rest are l2 drama on a fail server that sadly i paid into! GGs