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  1. I agree with you! Very reason
  2. This simple explained in the image ... AMERIKA IS DRAWN
  3. It seems to me that money drives everything ...
  4. @Max we need you to connect and fix the bugs that are on the server. There is a lot of lag, the npc of nobles does not appear and many of us cannot become nobles. The drop of many things costs but hey, it takes time to put things together but that is not the important thing. We need you to pay attention to the server, there are many people playing and many enter to play, and they all ask for the nobles, and not even the quests do not work. It would be great for an administrator or game master to make the server available at least once a week so that they can give back, or improve things. Be on the lookout when users ask for wisp. I hope you can read it @Max ♥
  5. Yo también lo comprobé.. y no está funcionando
  6. En el Special Shop -> Quest Items
  7. Why do you want to increase a weapon that lasts only 7 days?
  8. Hi! I also see bots even in monas2, or in the new farming areas .. But hey, it would be great if they do something for those people who are farming every day -.-
  9. You are right mate .. They would have made a good gift for Amerika's birthday, but hey ... we will continue farming to one day be full. - Greetings -
  10. Depende, es cuestión que le dediquen tiempo AHORA, porque ahora con las cosas nuevas deberían darle importancia a la nueva actualización y todo lo bueno que tiene el Amerika apartando unas cosas.. Pero es cuestión que lo arreglen despacio y siga siendo un buen server.
  11. It is that yes, I see many bots and nobody says anything
  12. Yo antes jugaba al amerika cuando estaban los admins/gm activos y era un buen server. Pero es como dices, seguro lo cansaron y así termino el server, hace una semana volví al server y hay un montón de bots, y etc...
  13. It has all its problems ... but hey, it's a matter of giving it time, because if you have everything quickly, what is the use of it? Yes, it costs a lot but it is a matter of time. - Greetings -
  14. I agree with you, many of us work and that way we can go in to play for a little while. In my case, I'm not all full, I just go in to do a little adena and that's it. But yes, there are a lot of arrangements with the olys theme ... Since I stopped playing, and now that I returned, they remain almost the same