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  1. Amerika will outlive all of you, haters.
  2. Is this the same question as, who you gonna call to protect you from the cops?
  3. Did you just assume his race?
  4. you ll get acces to nudes of the admins.
  5. I know, but you are still mon a(r)mour
  6. Oui mon a(r)mour
  7. Maybe you got the bad Eye.. somebody eyed your armor. I know 1-2 people that can help you
  8. No, your race ll change to the race of the class you ll change
  9. admin

    That said what equinox said and made the post about is true, as much as I love arguing, it doesn't really matter if there isn't someone to listen to players reports and make the necessary changes
  10. admin

    You don't have to be so toxic lil fella I know l2 is really important to you but in the end its a game.
  11. admin

    Dodge is supposed to increase physical skill evasion by 90 last time i check, not giving 100%