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Found 1 result

  1. admin

    I am in the server for one month i am a returning lineage player that restarted the game due to corona lock downs and lot of free time! I have yet to see a SINGLE gm or admin to be online or to answer petitions about problems and possible bugs! I have emailed you about certain class problems "Doombringer" "not buggs" not "other people" and i have yet to hear a single word! I have posted here in the forum you advertise in the server and even messaged you here! Yet not a single reply! I tried to reach out to you about the simplest thinks like the clan hall issue that it requires minimal effort on your part to fix! Summon 2 all ready made npc to Each and Every clan hall to at least justify the absurd cost they have 300 Bilions Bid and 4bilions + costs per day! The whole server is in ruckus about possible bugs in game and in forum yet no answers are given here or online! In conclusion the server is abandoned besides the automated *features* that it offers with minimal at best or non existent moderation! And all communication doors are closed! You advertise "Donate and Help us Improve" poko****[email protected] you can see the paypal transactions the insane amount i gave to the server so you can "Improve" you have more than a "help"! More like above the average monthly income of a working man in most parts of Europe CAN YOU CARE AND IMPROVE? OR I NEED TO FIND A LEGAL WAY TO REFUND MY MONEY AND MOVE ON!? I am not asking for extra items or special treatment on any way! All i am asking is an active form of moderation on the Community and Server and quality of game play that benefits all players/admins/server! Best Regards & Stay Healthy!